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04/25/2008: "Day 29"

Congratulations to Doug and Claire on the birth of their second daughter. Evelina Anne Dias was born this afternoon and weighted in at 7lbs 11 ozs. Both mother and daughter are doing great. So, Kate is a proud aunt again. She was very happy to hear the news, but it was terribly hard for Kate to not be able to go see her new niece right away.

Other than that no big news today. We're starting to pack up the hospital room because we've accumulated a lot of things over the past month. Kate is starting to think about what stuff she's going to want to wear while at rehab, and what she's going to do to keep herself busy.

Kate's been enjoying reading all the letters people have been sending. Its been great for her to hear about things outside the hospital. Thank you to everybody who has sent Kate a letter, and I think it will be a great exercise for her to write replies (hopefully soon).

Thanks for your continued prayers. Please pray for Kate's continued healing, mentally, physically and emotionally. As we shift gears to this next phase we expect there to be many challenges and adjustments that will have to be made, and these can be difficult to deal with.

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on Saturday, April 26th, Dani said

It is amazing to hear about all the progress you have made Kate, and I am sure with this new phase you will continue to amaze everyone!

on Saturday, April 26th, Lara Mogford said

Kate & Family!

Congratulations on your new addition! Kate I still remember what a special moment you and your brother shared in the law room at CSU when your brother called you to tell you he just had a baby! I am sure that you are so excited!

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