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04/24/2008: "Day 28"

4 weeks later. Its hard for me to put into words what the last 28 days have been like. In some ways it seems to have flow by, but in others it has been an eternity. When we were in the ICU we would constantly forget what day it was, now the days are blending together in a different way. For me, the real reminder is every day when I write this post and have to check the previous one to make sure I get it right.

Since our stay here is winding down there is a lot of retrospective thoughts both from us and the doctors. We are able to take Kate around more in her wheel chair, and in doing so we often run into nurses and doctors who have cared for Kate. Kate enjoys it when all staff members comment on her progress and how great of a patient she is. Everybody wants to see her and talk to her because they have heard so much about her miraculous recovery. Its a weird position to be in when people say that cases like Kate are the reason they do this for a living. While her recovery has been amazing the fact is we are still working through some significant consequences 28 days later and will be for a long time.

It will be a while before Kate is able to walk on her own. Mobility, range of motion as well as strength and stamina are all issues as well. Mentally she is making progress, we feel that we are seeing daily improvements and the obvious signs of brain injury are diminishing.

We are thankful for the teams of doctors and nurses who have cared for Kate, and so grateful that our Kate's progress is giving them motivation to continue doing what they do. We ask that you continue to pray for them even as Kate moves out from under their direct care. Please also pray for Kate as she prepares for the next steps and tries to get some rest before she moves to rehab on Monday.

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on Thursday, April 24th, becks17@hotmail.com">Becky Semeniuk said

Amen and amen!
Kate is a miraculous example of God's amazing grace! You do know that the legacy that you all have left at that hospital will stay much long after Kate's gone to rehab and finally back home. Kate's miraculous recovery will be talked about for months to come.
God is soooo incredibly faithful!
Good luck in rehab Kate! It's just a step closer to you getting home!!! HOORAY!!!!
much love and prayers!

on Thursday, April 24th, Lara Mogford said

For Kate...
I can't even put in to words what i am feeling reading Paul's update. Lots of happiness, lots of thank you's for keeping you safe, in our lives and doing so well. I feel so lucky to have met such an amazing person. You inspire me every morning to get up out of bed (and you know how much i hate waking up early) to face whatever obstacles come my way with the fiercest strength. I can't wait for you to walk away from this which i know you will, stronger, wiser and emanating life in it's fullest. I am so thankful for you and can't wait to see your smiling face.
I miss you HD.
Lara xo

on Friday, April 25th, abovedove@gmail.com">Loretto said

Dear Paul;
Thank you soo much for yout faithfullnes in your writings of the updates of Katie's progress. Each night I check in, and it is so great and honestly good to read what you have to write/report about Katie.
What a Huge Extra you have taken upon youself to do this.
Beautiful writings indeed.
My Love and Hugs to you both
Beannacht De leat,
(the blessings of our God be upon you)

With Love (Le Gra)

on Friday, April 25th, Aunt Anne & Uncle Jim said

Dear Kate & Paul & All the Family
We feel so blessed to read this daily progress.Paul you certainly have been outstanding in keep this up and we are so grateful for that.
That's our Kate powerful,dedicated, and determined and we are so proud of you! We are so happy to know you are scheduled to go off to a rehab facility as that just tells us how much you have improved and will continue to improve with all the proper therapies.
God Bless all our Canadian Family for the wonderful support system you have shared throughout this journey with Kate.
Our Love and Prayers To All of You
Aunt Anne & Uncle Jimmy

on Friday, April 25th, Trevor Tario said

Hey Paul,
I have been reading this webpage every morning for a daily update on Kate. Although I never met Kate, it is quite apparent that she is an amazing person that alot of people care about. Being that we got married on the same day not to long ago, this has really hit home for me. I just wanted to congratulate Kate on an amazing start to her recovery. With the love and support you have Kate, you will be back to your old self in no time.
Best Wishes for the road ahead!

Trevor Tario

on Friday, April 25th, fuller@bell.ca">Darren Fuller said

Hi Paul,

I know Kate from a long time ago. Margaret used to care for my sister and I after school when we were young.. (I only found out about Kate's accident from a comment on Joe's facebook account.)

Reading this from Day 28 I am obviously way behind on my thoughts and prayers but they are with Kate, her family and yourself.

Please pass best wishes from Darren, Lisa and Barb (my sister and mother).

on Saturday, April 26th, Angie Olivieri said

Hey Kate,

It is so great to hear that you are doing so much better. Keep up the good work. My thoughts and prayers are with you each and everyday as you continue to regain your strength.

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