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04/23/2008: "Day 27"

Some significant prayers were answered today. Kate was accepted at a great rehabilitation facility and the tentative plan is that she will move there Monday morning. It is a live-in facility and we expect that she will continue her progress there. It is a big step forward and will be the next phase in her recovery.

Kate also met with one of the acquired brain injury specialists today and had a good long talk. They were able to discuss some of the future plans and get some general time lines for her recovery. Kate is doing quite well considering what she has been through, but still feels like she has a long way to go.

Thanks for the prayers about today's visits. Please pray for the transition to the next phase as we wind down our stay here at Hamilton General.

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on Wednesday, April 23rd, Susan Trombley said

You Go Kate , as Josh had said in an earlier comment , he always knew you were the toughest Dias.Charles and I have know doubt you will dazzle them all with your grit and determination to achieve everything that is put to you.

on Thursday, April 24th, Jan said

A step in the right direction - what good news.
Determination is the key to recovery now - and although I've never met Kate, reading between the lines, I suspect she will be very determined indeed to make the best recovery possible.

on Thursday, April 24th, Marie said

What wonderful news! Kate, I wish you on-going success at the rehab facility! Paul, thank you for taking time to post daily. I hope the both of you can enjoy the sun today.

on Thursday, April 24th, aquon@idirect.ca">Anson said

Greetings Paul
Thanks again for the encouraging update. My family and all of Kate's friends at Logos continue to pray for a complete recovery. It sounds like Kate is recovering nicely - the healing process will take time. We pray that God's peace and comfort will continue to be with you and Kate and your families.

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