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04/22/2008: "Day 26"

A few quick updates before I head to bed. Kate made some steps forward today with her mobility, moving up to a new walker that has four wheels (instead of two) and allows her to move faster. She also was able to make it up a half flight of stairs and back down again using the railing and a cane. It was quite slow, and required some close supervision to make sure she didn't fall, but its a great start.

Yesterday night was an important night for Kate, in that she met one of the police officers who attended the scene of the collision. Kate was interested in learning more about that night because she doesn't remember anything about it. From what they understand about the accident at this time there was nothing Kate could have done to avoid the other car. We have been telling her that, but hearing it from a person of authority helped put her mind to ease. Kate also learned that the other driver has been charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm. We had decided not to tell Kate until she had a chance to recover and would be able to take that kind of news. She felt it was good for her to hear that from the police officer, and I think the timing was at an appropriate point in her recovery. This is not something that we have focused on at all as a family, as our priority is Kate.

Tomorrow is a big day as we will finally meet the brain doctor that we have been talking about. Kate has been dwelling on this all week and wants to make a good impression. There will be some other introductions tomorrow for Kate, so it will probably be a tiring day for her. I think a lot will be decided tomorrow, so please pray for those making the decisions.

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on Tuesday, April 22nd, me@cogeco.ca">Auntie Margaret said

We are home from our little road trip .Must say you two were never too far from our thoughts and prayers .So thankful for all the positive moves 'our Kate' is making .Talk soon .Nite nite

on Wednesday, April 23rd, mbravo@sympatico.ca">Monica Bravo-Arruda said

Kate, GOOD LUCK tomorrow!!! Our prayers are always with you and your family for your full recovery and lots of strength. You have SO many that love you and are behind you every step of the way! Keep it up...go for that HD! Paul, thank you again for the continued updates!

on Wednesday, April 23rd, jjh55chevy@yahoo.com">Uncle Jimmy said

you will do fine with the doc....for "the will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you".
Love Uncle Jimmy

on Wednesday, April 23rd, Susan Trombley said

I pray you will feel his peace ,as you take this next step. Knowing he walks not only with you but His Spirit goes ahead of you , preparing the way. We ask for divine intervention in all decisions having to do with Kate's recovery. That the Great Physician will give counsel to all medical people dealing with Kate's care and they will be directed by Him and not the mind of man. We look forward to more great news , for we know He has plans for Kate and they are plans for good not to harm.Paul , my future daughter in law was involved in a serous car accident and recieved severe brain trauma , and though she lost roughly 5 years memory in some areas , the Lord has restored most of it over these years.Kate knows Sarah and has seen what a joy she is , He is the same God , He holds both of them in the palm of his hand. Though I do not pretend to know either the extent of all of Kate's injuries as I do not know all of Sarah's , what I do know is He is faithful, and He that has begun a good work in them will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

on Wednesday, April 23rd, hematite43@hotmail.com">Kathy Leduc said

I'm praying today for all of you and for the doctors. Thank you for the updates.

on Wednesday, April 23rd, melissa_perera@hotmail.com">Melissa said

Congratulations on the awesome steps you've been taking Katie! We're all praying and thinking of you today.

lots of love,
melissa :O)

on Wednesday, April 23rd, Jan said

Hoping for the best possible outcome for Kate.


on Wednesday, April 23rd, Joan Haggarty said

Hey Paul,
If you would like to talk to someone who has really seen the whole spectrum of the acquired brain injury hospitals, specialists etc. its my neighbour, Lisa Lisson. Her hubby just turned 39, and had a heart attack. This week a DNA sample sent to the US confirmed that he has a rare genetic heart defect. As a result of his heart attack, he now has aphasia and is in Chedoke. He has been at St. Mike's- (U of T), McMaster and Joe Brant. Lisa has lived what you are going through. She is VP of FEDEX Canada. An amazing and very positive person. If you need someone to chat with, I can talk to her and give you her number. My brother had a head injury as well and is affected by short term memory loss, its often helpful to talk to others who have had similar experiences.
Best wishes, you are all in our prayers.


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