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04/21/2008: "Day 25"

Hi everyone, I'm here with Kate (Kate says hi too) in her hospital room with a weak wireless internet signal from outside. Kate would like thank everyone for their prayers. Today she spoke with her doctor who called her a progress miraculous. This was special for Kate to hear and she would like to ask you to continue to pray for her recovery.

In talking with the various specialists it sounds like her stay here might be wrapping up shortly. With this comes many questions about what is next. She is still feeling like there is a lot of things that need to improve physically and mentally, but this time in the trauma ward is coming to an end. The specialists with the acquired brain injury team will be meeting Kate on Wednesday, and the impression we are getting is that things will happen quickly after that. Some of the factors deciding the next steps will be what kind of waiting lists there are for the various rehabilitation facilities.

Please continue to pray for Kate's recovery as well as the doctors making decisions about her recovery. These next few days will have some important decisions and our prayers are that they would help Kate recover as quickly and fully as possible.

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on Monday, April 21st, fran_morrison@yahoo.com">Fran said

Hi Kate and Paul,
what wonderful news! Keep up the energy work. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His care.

love, Fran

on Tuesday, April 22nd, erinmonett@muskoka.com">Erin Monett said

Hi guys,

Everyone we know in Huntsville has been praying for you guys since the beginning. I didn't know about Paul's blog until today and I've been wondering about Kate's progress. It is such a relief to know she is progressing so well! What an answer to prayer!

With love,

Erin & Brad

on Tuesday, April 22nd, elshaddaisusan@hotmail.com">Susan Hawkins said

Hey Kate and Paul,

Everyone here at Jameson, where I work are sooo pleased to hear how well you are recovering Kate!!Myself and a bunch from work have all been praying for you daily in our prayer meetings!! Our G-d is an Awesome G-d and He works Miracles even today. What a testimony to others of who G-d is!!

Be blessed my friends. I look forward to a day we can catch up with each other properly. Its been far FAR too long!! @----->------

on Tuesday, April 22nd, keith@whypeoples.com">Keith Neal said

Hello Paul and Katie,
We have been praying for you as a family, and as a church. Great to hear of your progress Kate(ie), God be praised.
Say hello to the Dias family for me.Great things happen to those who trust in God! God bless you all! Keith & Johanne Neal

on Tuesday, April 22nd, maecerros@hotmail.com">Mae Cerros said

I am overjoyed at the progress Kate has made. Way to go Kate! You are never far from my thoughts and prayers.

on Thursday, April 24th, brendajmorehouse@hotmail.com">Brenda Jane said

Hey Katiegirl!
Continue to pray for you one step at a time our Lord will show Himself faithful, lean on His unchanging hand, He won't let go. Tho I don't know Paul, he's a gem and tho I know the daily updates sometimes must be a challenge we so appreciate them. Love you loads and have many many fond memories of you coming by my office just to chat and make me laugh. We keep praying for a miraculous recovery, which I think that is already in full swing.
Love ya, Brenda Jane

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