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04/20/2008: "Day 24"

I must admit, its been a lot harder to write these entries lately. The main medical stuff isn't changing much daily, and its very hard for me to quantify the other changes. The understanding we have is that her rehab needs for the next step will be determined this week. We don't know exactly what sort or amount of care she will require, but it is apparent that this is only the first part in a longer process. There will be aspects of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, as well people from the acquired brain injury group.

One of the challenges we are having now is not knowing what will be next, and how long it will take. What we are learning is that brain injuries are very hard to predict, and can have long term effects that range from significant to non-existent. Our prayers are that she makes a complete recovery, and we recognize that part of this is getting the right treatment at the right time. Please pray that those decisions would be made in such a way that Kate gets the best treatment possible.

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on Monday, April 21st, Author said

This is the hard bit now - the long slow haul of recovery, but at least Kate is improving day by day.:-)

Sending you all prayers.

on Monday, April 21st, Marie said

Paul, Kate, and family,
My thoughts and prayers continue for these small miracles. Wishing only the best for you all, today, tomorrow, forever.

on Monday, April 21st, dburtch@cogeco.ca">Julie Burtch said

This is the tough stuff for sure. Thank you so much for continuing to write even when it's difficult to know just what to say. It means so much to those of us who are praying to have that small connection. Our hearts and thoughts are with you both and your families as we continue to pray for full restoration. God is good, He is faithful, He will see you through all of this. Love the Burtch Family

on Monday, April 21st, cynthiaclark@cogeco.ca">Bruce and Cindy said

Human nature is to wonder about the unknown so your struggle now is a very natural one. It's not likely that there are any pat answers that would be comforting at this stage but just be assured that our prayers continue for you and Kate. If it is any help, what you do know can be a comfort in uncertainty. Dont lose sight of the remarkable recovery she has made to date, keep reminding yourself of where you were 3 short weeks ago and how much has changed! What hasnt changed is the hand of God that continues to uphold her, his continued care is a certainty...that much we know....."I will never leave you or forsake you..." Blessings! Bruce and Cindy

on Monday, April 21st, oliviajoy@sympatico.ca">Audrey Marek said

As I was praying for Kate last week, the words, 'Dancing and leaping and singing before You' came in the form of a song. Other significant things came to me in prayer for her. There was much hope for Kate that filled my heart by the Holy Spirit that day. It was one of those 'God' moments! I pray that the same power that raised Christ from the dead, will fully restore Kate. That she will be dancing and leaping, and singing before her Redeemer and her Healer! Thought this might be an encouragement to you all. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! May He give you strength for the journey. Peace to you, Audrey

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