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04/18/2008: "Day 22"

A bit of a later update tonight, but its because I'm staying and talking with Kate until she's ready to sleep so I don't feel bad for making some of you wait.

Kate's antibiotics are only a couple times a day now, so they're able to unplug the IV in between doses for a number of hours. This is good because if its plugged in when she sleeps it usually ends up beeping loudly and doesn't make for a good sleep. Last night it was unplugged and Kate got a great, uninterrupted sleep, so that was a nice change. Tonight they did the same thing, so she should get another great night's sleep.

Today was a bit of a quieter day for Kate, but she was up with the physiotherapist again and adding to her endurance with the walker. We're going to be practicing it a lot over the weekend, and hopefully by Monday there will be even more improvement. She's able to spend even more time outside, which she appreciates because there is more happening there, and the scenery is a bit more interesting.

Please pray that Kate is able to continue with the progress she is making and the areas that need improvement would heal. Next week sounds like it will be pretty big in terms of determining the amount and type of care Kate will need coming out of the hospital, as well as some determination of the types of rehab she will require. Please pray for the doctors and specialists that will be making those decisions.

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on Saturday, April 19th, seanoc@sympatico.ca">Sean O'Connell said

Hanging on your ever word. Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are so strong.

on Saturday, April 19th, Susan Trombley said

I am so thankful Kate has you.We are praying for divine intervention in everything concerning Kate's care. That the Lord's will , will be done and the right decisions will be made in every area,concerning her recovery , even if the Dr's and care givers don't know why they have chosen that route. We are just believing for a recovery that will be a witness and a testimony to all who have dealt with Kate that she serves a supernatural God ,one who cares about the things we care about.

on Saturday, April 19th, Sandi Corrigan said

Hi Kate and Paul,
It's so nice and so inspiring to hear about the amazing progress Kate is making. At Joshua Creek Public School she is in our thoughts and prayers every day. There will also be a special delvery from her Wonderful Ones very soon! Take care...
Love and gentle hugs,
Sandi Corrigan

on Saturday, April 19th, terencemsh@rogers.com">Terrence said

Paul, we've been religiously reading the updates - thanks for these postings. Great news on the progress...we're continuing to keep the fam in prayer.

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