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04/15/2008: "Day 19"

Short update tonight, just to say some more progress today, and some more of the same. Kate is making progress every day with her memory and awareness. Her voice is getting stronger and she is occasionally trying to sing. I guess a tube in your throat for 2 weeks takes some time to heal.

The biggest news of the day is that Kate was able to get outside for the first time in two and a half weeks. The physiotherapist helped us get her into a wheel chair and we were allowed to take her outside. We stopped to grab a tea on the way out so that the experience would be complete. With the weather improving each day hopefully this will become a regular occurrence.

Today the only test was an ultrasound of her legs to make sure there were no blood clots. The infection seems to be gone from her blood, but they are going to keep her on the antibiotics for a while longer to make sure nothing comes back.

Please continue to pray for Kate's recovery as well myself and the family. Looking back at my posts I can see that Kate has made amazing progress, but it can still be hard for us to see when we are there all day every day and only seeing little changes. For me this last bit has been even more difficult then the first two weeks in the ICU. Now I get to talk to Kate and hear her words and see her struggle with so many things. Even though there is so much to be thankful for it is terribly difficult to say good night and leave the one I love.

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on Tuesday, April 15th, Betony said

Oh Paul, my heart hurt so much when I read this post. I can't even imagine what it must be like for you and everyone else leaving Kate every night. It's amazing and extremely powerful that even though you are hurting you still find it in you to slip a bit of humour into your messages. I'm glad her day was complete with the tea :) Give Kate a big Sudbury hug for me...wait, she might not like that. haha.


on Wednesday, April 16th, Susan Trombley said

Paul I know how difficult this must be for both you and the family. As someone who has sat for weeks at a childs bed , and watched , and felt helpless because there was little you could do to change the situation I understand how you are feeling somewhat. But I also know that as difficult as it is there is no place you would rather be than there by her side.Just know that each moment you are there helps and gives her comfort that you are there.I would like to say it will get easier but what I can say is the Lord will give you the strength and the words to be a support and comfort to Kate as you travel this road that has been thrust upon you. I pray that besides the comments people write you also have brothers and sisters in Christ who can physically hold you up and comfort you at this time.Please give Meg a hug from the Trombley family and tell Kate we love her.

on Wednesday, April 16th, jmcquillan@icacanada.ca">Cousin Jo-Ann said


I know it can be very hard to see your beloved partner struggling. Your pain is so acute, especially when you have to be strong all the time.

However, Kate is in the subtle stage of her healing and the big changes are hard to see.
These little steps are the ones that bring Kate back to where she used to be - the million little facets of her that make her so unique.

God put you two together for a reason. Everything in your life has brought you to this point and this challenge is one that you are more than qualified to take on.

Love is the greatest gift of all - your love is the best medicine she can get! And when she is all better, you will feel the fullness of her love for you. You have so much to look forward to!

We are thinking about you two all the time and send lots of love. Solenne sends more kisses for Kate and a big hug just for you.

Jo-Ann, Andrzej and Solenne

on Wednesday, April 16th, Cheryl Stipic said

The bond you share is one that most people only dream of.. Love you guys. :' )

on Wednesday, April 16th, Elaine & Jayme Dohan said

Just taking one day at a time is all you can do. Just remember Paul, that when you leave, Kate is never alone right? God is there too to comfort,protect and love her each and every moment. Even then it's never over because he is also pouring into you and the family. My prayer is that you feel his strength,love and guidance more and more powerful each day. I always say....eyes off the situation and eyes on God because He is the only one that knows all and will see everyone through this in victory. Love & Blessings for the strength God has already given to you Paul; in which you have shown to us all!

on Wednesday, April 16th, tedanddonna@persona.ca">Ted and Donna said


Great words, thank you again for the continued updates ... I can only try to imagine what its like to leave your wife every night but understand that you leave her with the One who says in Hebrews "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." (That's 24 hour care)

May His strength hold you up this day, and may His hope be seen by you this evening ... I prayed for you today.


on Wednesday, April 16th, dburtch@cogeco.ca">Julie Burtch said

Dear Paul: As I sit to think what to write from my own experience that can bring you some comfort I know in my heart that the only comfort is what the Lord will bring to you moment by moment. As much as Kate is continually in our prayers for a full recovery please know that you are as well. There is nothing quite like sitting by the bed of one you love and feeling so helpless. In the midst of our weakness. in our lonliness and sorrow, and in our worry Christ is as much present as in times of joy and laughter. I also pray that He will give you some little special something, that only you and He share as a constant reminder of His love for you as you endure. For me it was unexpected violets blooming in my grass in November.

on Wednesday, April 16th, Marilyn said

My heart broke when I read your last line Paul. We do continue to pray and think about you every day.

On a positive note, it's wonderful to read that Kate was able to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous day! I laughed when I read that she grabbed a tea to make the trip "complete", as you put it! Too funny!

Listen, I'm sending a spy your way....Tom's brother is doing a rotation out of Hamilton General in the trauma unit. His name is Nick (Minos). He obviously has been hearing about you and Kate over the past two or so weeks and he just sent me an e-mail to let me know that he's been stationed at HG for a few weeks and he may come across Kate in his rotations. Just wanted to give you a heads up incase he pops his head in.

Take care Paul.

on Wednesday, April 16th, AMBER said

Your last post, brought tears to my eyes. It makes me realize how precious life is. You may have a long road ahead, but our Kate will most definitely come out on top stronger then ever.

on Wednesday, April 16th, Wade and Kristy Trenholm said

Paul and Katie, Kristy and I have tracked along with you through the last 19 days and have watched the incredible journey this accident has taken you on. The journey will continue as you both endure the ups and downs together. May the Lords grace and patience be with you both for diffenent reasons at this time. May he bless you both and give you both strength and rest.
In prayer,
Wade and Kristy

on Wednesday, April 16th, Anne said

To All of You,
I truly realize how difficult it is to watch someone you love struggle each day with their health. I encourage you to just take one day at a time. This is something I found to be a great way of keeping myself focused and helped me to cope. You have a wonderful support system and I will continue to pray for all of you through this most difficult time. My love to Kate and all of you.
God Bless
Aunt Anne

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