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04/13/2008: "Day 17"

Some more incremental improvements today, both mentally and physically. She is showing more strength and determination trying to sit up on her own and expressing desire to get up and go. She was able to feed herself some soup for dinner with her right hand, and is using her left hand a little more.

She is more aware of where she is and why, but we have only explained the injuries that she can see or feel. It would seem like her confusion is a confusion between dreams and reality. In addition her senses are bombarding her brain and she is having a hard time filtering. This can be overwhelming for her and get her a bit frantic. This is why we are asking for no visitors at this time. The area we are in doesn't have as nice or as large a waiting room as the ICU, so there is less immediate family around at any given time. It is possible to walk right in and see Kate, but we ask that people don't. We understand that people want to see the family too, so it would be best to call first to check if there is someone to visit with before coming up. We (myself and Kate's family) are asking this because we feel that it is what's best for Kate and her healing. If it was just the physical injuries we would likely be inviting people all the time, but since it is her brain we are trying to be very deliberate with the experiences she is having.

On a positive note, Kate's french seems to be fantastic. She was working on brushing it up this spring in order to get her qualifications to become a french teacher and was worried it had left her. She has been speaking fluent french to Doug and Claire whenever they spend time with her, and even when she gets confused she sticks with it. Another reason to be amazed by the brain.

To close, please continue to pray for Kate's healing and recovery. The process of healing from brain injury is still a very puzzling area and most of it is left to the body to recover. None of the doctors can really tell us what to expect because she beaten the odds and made more progress then they are used to seeing. Please pray that her healing keeps beating the odds and we have our Kate back soon.

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on Sunday, April 13th, lara_moggs@hotmail.com">Lara Mogford said

So happy to hear that she is able to feed herself some soup! And speaking en francais? Doesn't surprise me one bit that little keener! HD Kate HD!!! Keep it up Lady! You are all in my thoughts and i am sending nothing less then lots of smiles, laughter and positivity!

on Monday, April 14th, dburtch@cogeco.ca">The Burtch Family said

Dear Paul & Family: Thank you so much for the daily updates. The news is so good and so positive. Recovery can be such a tedious thing that seeing such major changes day to day must be enocuraging for all of you. We continue to pray for a full restoration of Kate's complete health in every way and for His strength as you endure. I pray for His joy to overtake you in unexpected moments as the doctors continue to be amazed by Kate's full and complete recovery. Love, the Burtch family

on Monday, April 14th, Arley McBlain said

That's amazing. I love hearing stories about people beating the odds. It's surreal when it's someone we know. Here's to motivated people.

Let us know if there's anything we can do.

on Monday, April 14th, Elaine Dohan said

"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose" Romans 8:28 Father, as you give your all on a day-to-day basis, help us to accept it in just that way; remembering that you are in full control and know all! Blessings and love and continued strength. Praise God........Elaine & Jayme Dohan

on Monday, April 14th, elmannell@bbie.org">Eleanor Mannell said

So good to hear the news of Kate's progress Paul. Thanks so much again for posting daily updates and please know how much you both are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. God be with Kate, you and all the family.
Eleanor and John

on Monday, April 14th, jordansylvester@gmail.com">Jordan & Indra Sylvester said

Hi Paul,
I am so happy to have found this website: Kate has been in our prayers ever since we received word of the accident. It is wonderful to hear that she is beating the odds... she has always been a very strong individual. Please extend our sincerest love to her. We will continue to pray for a full recovery and hope to soon reconnect with her; after far too many years of distance.
With love,
Indra & Jordan.

on Monday, April 14th, Tracy Crewson said

We have a God who specializes in beating the odds and doing the impossible! We are continuing to pray consistently for Kate's full recovery. We rejoice with you in the progress that has been made, and we will continue to uphold you before the throne of God's mercy.
Tracy, Steve, Morgan, Kaela and Micah

on Monday, April 14th, Aunt Anne & Uncle JImmy said

Great news, That's our Kate! Beating all the odds you are a trooper and we love you so very much. God Bless you and all the family our thoughts and prayers are with all of you daily as you travel through this journey with our Kate.
Thank you for the updates, they mean more than you reallize when we are so far away.
All our love and prayers
Aunt Anne & Uncle Jimmy

on Monday, April 14th, Amber said

That's fantastic! It's so great to hear she is beating all the odds. We keep Kate in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We love you Katie!


on Monday, April 14th, krassavin@vif.com">Alice and Kostya Krassavin said

Hey, I just figured out how to post a message to you and would have earlier!! Cool. We've been following the reports and are so amazed by Kate's progress, thanks be to God. Sending you many well wishes and praying for God's healing hand to restore Kate to full health.
Love, Alice and Kostya

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