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04/12/2008: "Day 16"

Another day, more tea, and now some soup. Kate is continuing to improve, and getting stronger. Her confusion and frustration comes in waves that seem to be shorter and less severe. She is more aware of where she is and why, but still not able to put it all together. Its hard to describe, but we are seeing improvements. They are taking her off some of the more potent pain killers and that seems to help as well.

Her strength is improving too. Yesterday she was barely able to sit up with help, today she was able to do most of the work herself. It isn't tiring her out quite as much, and I imagine that it will improve over the next few days.

Not much else to report on. The infection is still there, but her fever was gone today. Its pretty quiet there on the weekend, so we don't expect to have much news to report. The nurses are enjoying having Kate there as she's very polite to them and comes out with some really good lines now and then.

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on Saturday, April 12th, Imblessed4x@hotmail.com">Ronalee Allen said

Hey Paul..
I doubt you remember me, but I met you at the Lockett's open house. I have been checking your updates multiple times daily since the beginning.. and praying for you, Kate and her family. I just wanted you to know.

on Saturday, April 12th, rskudra@sympatico.ca">Rebecca Skudra said

Dear Paul,

Not sure if you received my email, but I am a classmates of Kate's from CSU. You and Kate are on my heart each day and in my family's prayers. Our God is mighty and He surely is taking care of Kate and you. My children are also praying for Kate even though they don't know her, just knowing she is God's child gives them reason even more to pray for her recovery. May your days ahead continue to be of great news and miracles. My prayer for you Paul is that God continues to give you strength physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Blessings from the Skudra household

on Saturday, April 12th, maggie@iloveoakville.com">maggie Newlove said

How happy we are for Kate and all of you, to hear about her progress.
Please know that you continue to be in our prayers.
The Newlove Family

on Sunday, April 13th, aquon@idirect.ca">Anson said

Hi Paul
Thanks once again for the wonderful and encouraging update. Every little step is a testimony of God's faithfulness.We are all rejoicing in the progress that Kate is making.
Also very concerned on the toll this situation is taking on your family,Kates family and all those that are so close to her. Jesus says "Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest".
We pray Kate and all of us will find this wonderful comfort and rest in Him.
Thanks again Paul for all of your efforts to keep everyone informed.
Anson and family

We continue to pray for Kate's full recovery and stand on God's promise to our rock and our salvation. salvation.

on Sunday, April 13th, Aubrey Thompson said

Hi Paul,
I go to school with Kate and I just wanted to say thank you for all your updates. It is so good to hear about her progress every day and know that she is improving. Her group did an amazing job on everything at school so she would be very happy to know that. Please tell her we all miss her. All our thoughts and prayers are with Kate, and you, and the family.

on Sunday, April 13th, Jan said

Progress may be slow but it is steady. So now you must play the waiting game as time heals Kate.

Very best wishes to all.

on Sunday, April 13th, lara_moggs@hotmail.com">Lara Mogford said

I am so excited to see Kate's progress everyday! And of course the tea!! I was wondering when she'd be asking for it! We would do multiple Timmy's runs at school and at placement for tea! Hahaha. So good to hear that she is sitting up and her body is starting to heal. All of you are in my thoughts and my prayers and i feel truly blessed that we have Kate in our lives to show us faith and miracles. Please tell the Lady that i am missing her and am thinking about her all the time. xoxoxo

on Sunday, April 13th, downey@sympatico.ca">steve and mary said

:D Hi paul. We were so shocked to hearabout the accident. Your father told me all out it. They are so extremely fond of kate, and never hesitate to tell me. We both hope and pray for a full recovery. Thinking of you both everyday. love steve and mary, cameron and jordan.

on Saturday, April 19th, shirleyhassman@gmail.com">Shirley Hassman said

Met you at Kate's mom's just before I left for Israel in Feb.Dale & Roeli Lutz were with me.Dale is my brother.Wonderful to see Kate's progress. We serve a mighty God who restores and makes whole. Watching miracles is God's Grace and Kate is a miracle.Continue in the faith, be strong & courageous for the Lord is on your side fighting for you and Kate.You have the victory in Him.Love & prayers. Shirley Hassman

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