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04/10/2008: "Day 13c"

A quick add on to today's news... Kate was continuing to talk off and on for the rest of the day and evening. We're trying to get her to sleep, but she is quite restless, which apparently is normal for this type of brain injury. She was coming out with some weird stuff, but also having really special moments with us. I'm sure it will be better tomorrow when her throat has had a chance to get over having a tube in it for almost two weeks.

So they are going to keep her in the ICU tonight and possibly move her to the step-down ward tomorrow. This is dependent on the number of beds available, so might not happen right away.

Regarding visiting Kate... we are still asking people to hold off even when she gets moved out of the step-down ward. Our number one concern is Kate's well-being and recovery, and it is still too soon for her. She has some catching up to do in terms of the last two weeks as well as understanding the road ahead. It would be too much to deal with those things as well as visiting with a large number of people. We understand that it may be hard to wait, but when the time comes we will be sure to let everybody know. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email: paul@paulgraham.ca

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on Thursday, April 10th, stargirl@gmail.com">Laura Deboer said

THRILLED TO HEAR the great news!!! That is great that she's moving out of ICU soon too. We are praying.. and will visit when you say we're allowed.

Laura & Dan.

on Thursday, April 10th, jmcquillan@icacanada.ca">Cousin Jo-Ann said


I am so happy for you and Kate. You must be so excited and relieved. What an emotional roller coaster!

I always had full confidence that things would work out wonderfully.

Make sure Kate gets lots of rest - she is sure to be overwhelmed in the days ahead.

And please give her a kiss from Solenne!

Lots of love,
Jo-Ann, Andrzej and Solenne.

on Thursday, April 10th, Jan said

Wonderful news to hear that Kate is doing so well.
Best wishes to you all.

on Thursday, April 10th, clarkpaints@yahoo.com">Kim and Loren said

We are thrilled to hear about the leaps Kate has taken in her recovery. As much as we would love to see her, we will do whatever is best for Kate and if that means waiting....we will wait. Thank you for all the updates. Love to you all.

on Thursday, April 10th, Niwah Visser said

Wow! Fabulous news that she's doing well & will be moving from the ICU soon. Great to see how God is miraculously healing Kate day by day.....
Continuing to pray for her, Niwah & Chris

on Thursday, April 10th, Andrea Ford said

So happy to hear about the huge strides Kate has made in her recovery. You must be over the moon :) All the best, Andrea

on Thursday, April 10th, Elaine & Jayme Dohan said

WOW GREAT .... POWERFUL NEWS!!!! I'm so glad we serve a faithful and mighty God!! Wow what a testimony of His great healing power! Praise God Praise God Praise God. We give Him ALL THE GLORY for her continued recovery. Overwhelmed and not surprised to see yet again another miracle in progress. Love & God Bless. Continued prayers always to you both and the family.

on Thursday, April 10th, marbethwilson@hotmail.com">Marbeth and Reggie Wilson (Cullybackey) said

:)Just shed a few tears for two people we have never met!!

Wonderful news!!

Marbeth and Reggie Wilson (Cullybackey, N Ireland)

on Thursday, April 10th, lisagoetze@hotmail.com">Lisa Goetze said

I was friends with Kate in elementary school. But she went by Katie when we were in French Immersion together. I heard about the crash through the grapevine and just wanted to let you know how much I've been thinking about you and your entire family. I'm so glad to read that Kate has made some major improvements.
I wish strength for all of you on the journey of recovery ahead.

on Thursday, April 10th, hatrickpatrick_003@hotmail.com">Patrick Grimwood said

Glad to hear how much things have improved. Best wishes on the continuing recovery.

on Thursday, April 10th, marianneregis@sympatico.ca">Marianne and Erik said

That's great news! We remain in prayer for you all.
Erik and Marianne

on Thursday, April 10th, Parisa said


on Thursday, April 10th, Dias_meg@hotmail.com">Meg Dias said

This is a very personal thank you to all of you who have chosen to leave comments on Paul's site. You have been a balm for me during this journey. At the end of each day I look forward to reading your comments and the scriptures that you have chosen to share with us. I am encouraged so much and reminded that Our Lord is able to handle this situation for Our Kate and that foremost she is His Kate.
Thank you for standing and kneeling by us.
Meg Dias [Kate's Mum]

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