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04/09/2008: "Day 13b"

Forget baby steps, we just had a giant leap forward. The doctors took the tube out today at 1:30 and not only is she breathing on her own she's talking. A huge blessing for us and a giant sigh of relief. Her voice is very weak, so its a wisper, but that's to be expected after having a tube in there for almost 2 weeks.

She's a bit confused about things and why everybody is so happy to see her. I received a few emails today from some of her classmates about a project they did. Her face lit up when I told her how well she did.

Going back in to see her, but I'll post again tonight.

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on Wednesday, April 9th, richly_blessed@hotmail.com">Sandi Lockett said

WOO HOO....you go girl.....we luv u
sooooooooooooo much
Jim, Sandi, Cody, Hailey & Kali

on Wednesday, April 9th, the_x_eption@yahoo.ca">Shivi Brar said

:D I'm so pleased to hear of the good news!! I've been praying for a quick and comfortable recovery and today I specifically prayed that the removal of the tube would not cause complications. Kate, you are a trooper and I sincerely thank God for keeping you safe.


on Wednesday, April 9th, ian@pmav.ca">Ian & Vicky said

That's awesome news, Paul. Way to go Kate! We're both looking forward to your move out of the ICU to come and see you both.


Ian & Vicky

on Wednesday, April 9th, me@cogeco.ca">Auntie Margaret said

I'm so excited I can hardly get supper made ....so you must be over the moon as well as all the family .Tis a sunny day for sure .P.T.L

on Wednesday, April 9th, heatherhallahan@gmail.com">Heather Hallahan said

Way to go KATE! Sending lots of love & prayers - Phil, Heather & Aislin.

on Wednesday, April 9th, ctrombleydiving@yahoo.com">Charles Trombley said

That is great so glad to hear this now the meds can be adjusted and you can get strong again praying for blessings all around.
Praise the Lord

on Wednesday, April 9th, richly_blessed@hotmail.com">Sandi Lockett said

SORRY Paul.....we love you too!!!

on Wednesday, April 9th, Susan Trombley said

This truly is the day that the Lord has made...We are so very happy,Charles and I may be in two different countries at the moment and you in a different province but we are totally together in our prayers and thoughts , we are right there with you..

on Wednesday, April 9th, Thea said

Fabulous! That's amazing news! We've been praying for this day. God is so good. :D

on Wednesday, April 9th, ashley said


on Wednesday, April 9th, me@cogeco.ca">Auntie Margaret said

Kate you have a lot of talking to do to make up for lost time ...so happy for you both .Love you guys xxxooo

on Wednesday, April 9th, Monica Bravo-Arruda said

Paul, I am so happy to hear how well Kate is doing. What incredible news! She is such a fighter and an inspiration to us all. May God continue to bless her! It's just like her to be so thrilled about school. We're (her classmates) constantly thinking of her and praying for her. Thank you so much for keeping us so up-to-date.

on Wednesday, April 9th, Marie said

What wonderful news on this beautiful day. Kate you are definitely in caring hands, your family, doctors, and God. The art presentation was amazing!

Keep up the great work Kate.
Marie (CSU 2D)

on Wednesday, April 9th, Tim Muttoo said

awesome news!!

on Wednesday, April 9th, melissa_perera@hotmail.com">Melissa said

wooo hoooooo!!! That is so awesome to hear! Wishing you all lots of love, Melissa xo

on Wednesday, April 9th, Sean said

Nothing can hold her back! I suppose she just really wanted to talk again. Can't wait to come and see you guys.

on Wednesday, April 9th, Jennifer said

Fantastic news! Way to go Kate! I don't know you very well, but have been looking at Paul's website every day to see your progress and am so happy to hear the good news! Everyone at CSU has you in their thoughts, hearts and prayers! God has truly done amazing things! I hope you continue to feel better and better!
Jenn (1A)

on Wednesday, April 9th, Sian, Pete & Girls said

This is really wonderful, awesome news! Kate continues to amaze us all every day... wow. Keep it up!

on Wednesday, April 9th, junedelic@gmail.com">June Delic said

Fantastic news!! Kate,you really are a trooper.God is good!
Our love and continued prayers.The Delic Family.

on Wednesday, April 9th, farida_miller@hotmail.com">John and Farida Miller said

PRAISE GOD!!! that is wonderful news!!!! God is so Good!! We rejoice with all of you and we continue to keep you all in our prayers..
God Bless!!!
Love: John,Farida, Rich, Will and Sarah Miller.

on Wednesday, April 9th, lara_moggs@hotmail.com">Lara Mogford said

I am so relieved to hear that the tube is out...i didn't expect anything less than giant leaps from Kate. This will be a walk in the park for her from this point! Can't wait to see you Kate! I am thinking about you all the time! Love and prayers to you Kate and to her family... My family and friends are all sending our positivity, hope and well wishes.....


on Wednesday, April 9th, Denise Rodgers said

Hi Paul

You do not know me, my name is Denise (Rodgers), Mississauga. Kate's grandma Florrie and my nana Abeline Fernandes (from Karachi) were sisters. I have been reading your updates re. Kate each day and she has been constantly in our thoughts and prayers. To read what you have just posted today is absolutely fantastic news and I am so happy for Kate and for all of you. Will continue to keep Kate in our prayers.

Cheers, Denise and family

on Wednesday, April 9th, Dani said

Whoo hoo! Kate you are the bomb! What incredible amazing fantastic news! Yeah yeah yeah!

on Wednesday, April 9th, aruffolo@cogeco.ca">Amber & Steve Ruffolo said

Way to go Kate!!!!!We're so happy to hear that your doing better. We are continuing to keep you in our prayers.

We love you

on Wednesday, April 9th, Kristin Ellis and Keith Harrison said

We are all so happy that you are getting better so quickly. I am keeping everyone at the bank updated!

on Wednesday, April 9th, kissdon_tkill@hotmail.com">Lauren Clark said

What fabulous news, Kate you are amazing! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.


on Wednesday, April 9th, Marion Fuller said

Brother Paul, Praise the Lord for this wonderful news. God is good all the time...Allthe time God is good. Kent and myself continues to pray for a speedy recovery for Katie. We love you guys.
In His Grip

on Wednesday, April 9th, sings4me@sympatico.ca">Daniela Moore said

I am so happy to hear about this exciting news. God is so good! I will continue to pray for your healing Kate. HE IS FAITHFUL!
Daniela and family

on Wednesday, April 9th, ahintenach@verizon.net">Aunt Anne said

Way to Go! That's our Kate oh so strong. We continue to pray for your recovery but are estatic with todays' update. We love you and continue to pray for all of you.
God Bless
Love Aunt Anne & Uncle Jimmy

on Wednesday, April 9th, cwsnoek@sympatico.ca">Chris and Connie Snoek said

Dear Paul and Kate:

Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers! We are so happy that the tube is gone. What a blessing that Kate is talking again. Wonderful! We will continue to pray for a full recovery.

Connie and Chris Snoek

on Wednesday, April 9th, elmannell@bbie.org">Eleanor Mannell said

Thanks be to God, Kate and Paul. This is wonderful news.
Much Love,
Eleanor and John

on Wednesday, April 9th, dvboreland@aol.com">Virginia said

Wonderful news!!!!!!!!!

We're still praying for you. Can't wait until you're out of ICU so we can come and visit.

Get well soon Katie!

God Bless

Dale, Virginia and Shanarah

on Wednesday, April 9th, John and Celena Leonard said

Sounds like good news. We are thinking of both of you. Stay strong and get well.

on Wednesday, April 9th, Anson said

Hi Paul and Kate
What great news!!! We have all been anxiously praying for this day - Thank you Lord!
God is Good all the time especially when the chips are down.
We pray for Kate's continued healing.
What a terific victory - Praise the Lord.
Looking forward to visiting with you Kate in the near future.
Anson and family.

on Wednesday, April 9th, elshaddaisusan@hotmail.com">Susan Hawkins said

Thsi is very exciting news. I knew it would happen sooner or later. I know Kate is a fighter!! G-d is an Amazing G-d and He is an amazing physician!! PTL!!!

on Wednesday, April 9th, abovedove@gmail.com">Loretto said

Dear Paul;

You are a Trooper in every sense of the Word. Thank you sooo much for your updates on Katie and to be able to do so in this place that you are in as husband and best friend to Katie.
What Brill... news is this. My heart is beaming.

Praise be to You our Lord
Le Gra


on Wednesday, April 9th, annecreate@yahoo.ca">Anne Balanyk said

Paul I have heard
I will kept you & kathy in my Prayers
& your Mother & Father
Thats great news today
Anne[Dwaynes Mother]

on Wednesday, April 9th, Bob said

Great news, celebrating this progress with you. Know we are praying and thinking of you guys.
love bob, tammy and crew

on Thursday, April 10th, morrison@yahoo.ca">Betony said

That is SO awesome!!!
Love you lots

on Friday, April 11th, Donna & Anthony said

Way to go Kate, we knew you were strong.Paul we are so happy to hear the news and we will continue to pray for both of you and your families.I can't imagine what you have all been going through I admire your strength you are all in our thoughts and prayers and we can't wait to see kate when she is ready.God bless you!lots of love

Donna & Anthony

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