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04/07/2008: "Day 11"

Well today we had a pretty uneventful day. The specialist came to see Kate about the breathing tube at about 2:30 and decided to keep it in for another 24 to 48 hours. The cuff leak is still really small, suggesting that there is still swelling in her throat. The belief is that this was caused at the crash scene when the paramedics tried to intubate her. They had a hard time getting it in, so some trauma mave have resulted from their efforts. Tommorow the doctor is going to come back and check the tube again and bring his scope to see if he can see anything.

Otherwise there wasn't much new happening. I haven't heard the official word about the cat scan, but it seems that it isn't anything too serious.

The infection in her lungs seems to have cleared as she is only coughing up clear stuff.

Since they were hoping to extubate today they had her on low levels of sedation. As a result she was quite active. She's constantly moving her right leg and trying to manouver her hands to pull tubes out. These are good signs even though it can be hard to watch her move around like that.

Final update on her condition is her face. Initally she had very little visible damage to her head, just some scratches to her left cheek, a bad cut on her left ear. The scratches are basically gone and her ear is healing well. The jaw is swollen from the surgery, but that is going down now.

We ask that you continue to pray for Kates recovery and the family as we walk with her through each of these steps. The support from friends, family, coworkers and Kates's classmates has been a great blessing and is really helping all of us manage.

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on Monday, April 7th, Parisa said

paul iam sure she is gone be fine be stronge as it seems like you are. she need your support.thanks again for keeping us upto day. :)

on Monday, April 7th, Marilyn said

Thanks Paul for the continued updates. We can only imagine how thankful you are for Kate's strength, but how hard it musts be to have to wait during these baby steps to recovery.

Tom realized today that he works with a friend of yours and Kate's - Vicky (Victoria) Roberts...such a small world. I guess Tom was talking to his associate about you and Kate and what you're going through and his associate said that Vicky had a friend who was going through the same thing...then the light bulb went off and Tom and Vicky realized that it was one and the same Kate! Small world. Apparently they too were at your wedding but of course Tom hadn't started his new job so he wouldn't have recoginzed Vicky or Ian. Small, small world though.

Again, our continued thoughts and prayer to you both and we are anxious to "hear" how Kate is doing tomorrow.

God Bless,
Tom, Marilyn, Milan & Gabrielle

on Monday, April 7th, asnooks@sympatico.ca">Alana Snooks (Regis) said

Hi Paul
I'v been praying for you and Kate along with the many others! So glad to see all the people who support and pray for you, Kate and your families at this difficult time.

on Tuesday, April 8th, James & Jodi Brydon said

Hi Paul,
I'm an old high-school friend of Claire's (my wife and I met you at her Christmas party.) I just wanted to let you know that we have been praying for you and Kate for over a week now and are encouraged by the progress we're reading.
James & Jodi

on Tuesday, April 8th, jmcquillan@icacanada.ca">Cousin Jo-Ann said

Hi Paul,

Just want to let you know that Solenne learned how to say "Kate" yesterday!

After over a week in the hospital, I know it is hard but don't get discouraged - Kate is having a well-deserved rest period before her next round of mini-miracles.

Love and prayers,
Jo-Ann, Andrzej and Solenne

on Tuesday, April 8th, me@cogeco.ca">Aunt Margaret said

On a lighter note Uncle Willis and Auntie Dorothy have ordered a laptop for their home use ...they just want to be able to read and see pictures of their family here in Canada .
Maybe see you later today.Hope today is going to be a good one .xxxx

on Tuesday, April 8th, elshaddaisusan@hotmail.com">Susan Hawkins said

Father G-d I thank you for your love and Mercy. Father I thank you so much for the little miracles you send us to show us you care. Father G-d I lift Kate before you today and ask that you would breathe new life into Kate today. Father, I pray that you would bring down the swelling and I pray that you would Give Paul the strength and patience to walk through this. Father I pray you erap your healing and loving arms around this couple I pray. In Jesus' Precious name!!


on Wednesday, April 9th, Kim Tran said

Hello Paul!

We have never met before. I am Kate's former co-worker at Scotia Bank where Kate used to work at Third Line and Speers in Oakville. I heard a lot about you from Kate. She always mentioned how lucky she is to have you. Kate stopped by our branch a week before your Wedding. Kate has always been a pleasure to work with everyday.

We found out about the bad new from Neil Cairns last Thursday. We have been following your update on Kate. Thank You Very Much for sharing your daily news with us. We all are feeling your pain, anger, and frustration at this point. We wish there is something that we could do for you and Kate and your families. Please do not hesitate to let us know if we could help.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Kate and your families every step of the way. Please continue to be strong as things are getting better each day to the fullness.

All the Best,

Kim Tran

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