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04/06/2008: "Day 10b"

A small add-on to today's update to address a few issues.

The therapy used to help Kate's left ear seems to have been successful and they have stopped that for now.

Kate's hemoglobin level has been low so they gave her two more units of blood today. I think this is the first new blood since Saturday (when she had surgery). Thank you to everybody who has donated blood in the past, and please continue to do so.

Cat scan results aren't official at this point, but indications are that there are no blockages in her digestive tract, but that the issue is intestinal shock due to prolonged blood loss. If this is the case it should heal, but will take some more time.

And we're on a wait and see status with the breathing tube...

Replies: 5 Comments

on Monday, April 7th, dvboreland@aol.com">Virginia said

Thank you for updating us on Kate's condition. We are praying for you all continually.

Dale and Virginia

on Monday, April 7th, the Arcand's said

Hi Paul,
on an encouraging note: much as you would like to see Kate extubated, and yes, it would be a positive step in her recovery, as long as it is in you know she is getting adequate oxygen, and her lungs are being better aerated than if she was doing the breathing totally on her own. You rest easier knowing her airway isn't likely to block with unexpected swelling. For right now when her hgb has been low she'll have better tissue perfusion and oxygenation, maybe it is a good thing. God's got it covered, sleep well.
Nora Lea Arcand (Alana's mom)

on Monday, April 7th, cynthiaclark@cogeco.ca">Cindy Clark said

Hi Paul
Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and Kate. We pray Kate will become stronger each day and be fully restored to health. May God keep you and give you peace.
Love Bruce and Cindy

on Monday, April 7th, lara_moggs@hotmail.com">Lara Mogford said

Hi Paul, Dias & Graham family.

I think that every step, everyday and every minute is progress and continually reinforces to me what survival and being a true spirit is all about. Everyday when i read the updates on Kate, i feel positivity and on sturdier ground that she will walk away from this. Kate is the most determined and strong willed person i have ever known. I just want to pass along to you, all of the good thoughts, positivity and prayers from those at CSU from cohort 2 that knew Kate and even those who didn't. I can tell you for certain that she's got a lot a love coming her way! You are all in my thoughts all of the time and prayers. Please give her hand a squeeze for me.
Love Lara Mogford

on Monday, April 7th, niwah@rogers.com">Niwah & Chris Visser said

Hi Paul,
Chris and I have been praying for Kate since we heard about the accident on the 29th.
We've asked our friends & family to pray for Kate's recovery as well.
Wow Paul, this is really tough eh? it's tough for us as friends to stomach this, can't imagine what you & the family have been through. But there are SO many people praying for Kate & yourself....and that's so encouraging!
Anyway, praying for Kate EVERYDAY!!
Love & hugs,
Niwah & Chris Visser

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