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04/04/2008: "Day 8"

*small update below*
Not a big update yet... Its 10:30 and the doctors haven't made it to Kate on their rounds so we don't know the full plan for today. There was a cuff leak on her breathing tube last night, which is a good thing and a sign that she is getting closer to breathing on her own. I imagine we will know soon what the plan is.

They changed all her IV lines and antibiotics yesterday to fight the infection. No word on its status but her fever seems to have come down.

We're also noticing that most of her swelling is gone, save her right cheek and left ankle. Initally her whole body was quite swollen and was for the first few days. Apparently this has a lot to do with all of the blood products they had to give her at first.

The open fracture on her right shin seems to be healing well. The nurses have been checking it and there doesn't seem to be any signs of infection.

Anyway,things are progressing and I'll try to put up another update when we hear from the doctors.

*update* 2:00pm
The doctors need to do an xray on Kate to see if the breathing tube is ready to be removed. We are still waiting for that but hopefully it will happen soon.

*update 2*
They decided not to do the xray today and based on yesterday's xray they are going to wait until tomorrow. Kate is doing well and she is opening her eyes more and making eye contact.

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on Friday, April 4th, Cheryl Stipic said

It's great to hear Katie is progressing well. Give Margaret a big hug for me. Slow and steady for now. We can't wait to see you all when we get the green light.

Love you all,
Peter & Cheryl

on Friday, April 4th, Suzie (From LOGOs) said

I'm so sorri to hear about what has happen, but I know through my own personal situation that God gives us no more than we can bare, and have always thought that when it's a hugh situation, it's because he knows we are strong in him to go thorough it, and what a blessing it is to know that He believes this about us.
During these times it is hard to stay in positive cheer and faithful because we can't see the outcome. but the belief, as we all know, is to keep hoping and being strenghthen by all the love and positive embraceses, because these are some of the ways, God shows Himself to us.
Along time ago I had made a promise to Kady, we had all as a group gone to this church program through LOGOs, and she had been sitting beside me, (little kid), and I had told her that, any where, and any time I would be there if she needed me. I know that I haven't held up that promise very well, and I could use every excuse in the book, but God has held it up, because I would always hear about Katie when she needed my thoughts our prayer for her the most, without her Knowing, and in so doing God has kept the promise.
Katie I love U, Little Kid, and I am always there for you, even though not visible,as the Father isn't always visible to us.
So without saying a word, Prayer for U from me is A MUST, and you being in my thoughts is a dedication.
Love you and take care, and know that
God is Faithful, especially when we aren't.

on Friday, April 4th, Denise Hildebrandt said

Paul, I thank God that He has watched over Kate this far, and for the recoveries that she's made. I also thank Him for giving you the strength that just radiates from your updates. I can't imagine what you are going through, but I remember what my mom always says, God never gives us more than we can bear. I trust that you'll keep getting that extra bit of strength, especially during the "downs" of this recovery time, and I am praying for you and Kate, that she will be healed, and you will both continue to enjoy life, and that abundantly, together.

I shall pass your website along to some prayer warriors at Knox. You have Christians of all shapes and sizes on your side.

Denise Hildebrandt

on Friday, April 4th, hematite43@hotmail.com">Kathy Leduc said

Paul and Kate, Caleb Leduc's mom here. I am praying for you continually and am thankful for your website which keeps me updated. In Christian love, Kathy Leduc

on Friday, April 4th, Andrew D. Gazaneo said

Amazing news Paul. We're all still praying tons. Much peace buddy!

on Friday, April 4th, msim2@cogeco.ca">Michelle Sim said

To the Family
Prayers are continuous and heartfelt for all of you. Please give Margaret a mom to mom hug.
All will be well,

on Saturday, April 5th, jesulkowski@hotmail.com">Joan Sulkowski said

Katy, Paul, Meg and family,
You have all been in our thoughts and prayers since last Friday when we learned of Katy's accident, and will continue to be in the time ahead. Along with so many others, we are trusting God for Katy's full recovery.

The Sulkowski family

on Saturday, April 5th, farida_miller@hotmail.com">John,Farida Rich Will and sarah Miller said

We continue to keep Kate in our prayers and we are happy to hear of her progress everyday.. Thank you for taking time out to keep everyone updated.. May God continue to Bless and keep you and the Dias family as you wait on him for Kate's Full healing and restoration..
"The Lord Bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace." Numbers 6:24-26
Love John,Farida, Rich, Will and Sarah miller

on Saturday, April 5th, haggarty@gmail.com">Joan Haggarty said

Dear Paul and family,
Our prayers are with you all as you wait for tidbits of good news. We have prayers surrounding you and yours from all over the world. My brother is a "walking quad", who walks but doesn't have feeling in his arms or legs. He told me he could feel the power of prayer when he was in the hospital. The specialists indicated that he would never walk or have children, but his little four year old boy is a testament to how positive life can be when challenges are so daunting. You already have so many positive reactions from Kate in such a short period of time- God bless you all and hold onto those tiny moments because they are really huge. Thank you for sharing so much with CSU- we miss Kate and feel her presence at Alexander's as well as in the classroom. Tell her we loved the Under the Sea sets and the choreography- it was amazing, and definitely an HD.

on Friday, April 11th, new street & walker bns said

We have all been following the progress of Kate and we are all praying every day for her recovery.We are all so happy to hear that she is now out of the ICU and on her way.Kate is strong and a wonderful person she will get through this.We cant wait until we can actually come and see her but until then please know that we are thinking of Kate and all of you every day and we will keep praying.xoxo

on Friday, April 11th, edward@ficel.ca">Ed and Maly Gryschuk said

Hi Guys

Our Love and Prayers have been with Kate since the outset. We are praying and believing for a miracle. We are so thankful to read the updates and encouraged by Kate's recovery.
Love and Blessings
Ed, Maly, Josh, Sarah, Ben, and Lillian.

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