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04/03/2008: "Thursday update"

As mentioned in the quick update the surgery was successful and we were hopeing to have the breathing tube removed. Well, we had a bit of a setback today in that regard. We had been told to expect bumps in the road and today we had two.

The first is that the breathing tube isn't ready to be removed. They did some checks this morning and found that her airway is a bit swollen (likely from the surgery) so they want to wait for that to open up a bit more before they extubate. They will be checking this later today but we don't expect to get it out today.

The other setback is that Kate has an infection. The same bacteria is in her blood and lungs and they have changed the antibiotics ahe is on to treat it specifically. This is unfortunate, but quite common in this type of situation. They are also changing her IV lines in case they are contributing to infection.

A piece of good news that wasn't reported on yesterday was the clearing of Kate's lower spine. They are able to put her in different positions now including on her side and bending at the waist so that will help the physiotherapy she is getting.

So the prayer requests are for her infection and airway. These are things that can be expected but the sooner they get better the sooner she can move out of the ICU. At this point it doesn't look like that will happen before the weekend but we are hopeful that it will be soon.

Thanks again for all the comments, everybody in the family has been really encouraged by them. We will be sharing the emails with each other eventually, but for now the comments are being read by all of us.

Replies: 23 Comments

on Thursday, April 3rd, stargirl@gmail.com">Laura Deboer said

God is good! Kate is on her way to recovery. We are praying for you gorgeous, and for you Paul - and the rest of the family. We love you. (Dan and Laura)

on Thursday, April 3rd, phallahan@shimano.com">phil said

Heather and I are diligently checking for updates and remebering ALL of you in prayer. We're so happy big bro Joey made home. I'm sure it's one more thing to help Kate as she is reccuperating!

Love you all, Phil and Heather.

on Thursday, April 3rd, kimkirkwood@cogeco.ca">John and Kim Kirkwood said

We have been keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. We look forward to hearing more "good reports".

John and Kim Kirkwood

on Thursday, April 3rd, Elaine Dohan said

Ask in my name and it shall be done!! Amen amen amen. Continued prayers. Love & God Bless....Elaine & Jayme Dohan

on Thursday, April 3rd, fraipont@valeinco.com">Del Fraipont said

Hi Paul:

It appears each day the light is getting a little brighter in Kate's recovery. Your strength is part of that light growing stronger.We here at the plant have both of you in our thoughts.
Stay strong.


on Thursday, April 3rd, hjsmith@cogeco.ca">Helen Smith said

I am so thankful to God for the miracles that have taken place so far. Several times each day I remember Kate and all of you in prayer. God will finish the work that he has begun. Look forward to your updates each day and will continue to pray.

on Thursday, April 3rd, lperry@northrock.bm">Lorna Perry said

Hi Paul,
I am a friend of Maggie & Andrew. I live in Bermuda, but have kids in Ontario. Maggie sent me your web address so I just wanted to add my prayers to everyone else's. You and Kate sound like amazing kids and I am praying for a full & complete recovery for Kate. Hang in there with the Lord.
loving you in the Lord Jesus
Lorna Perry

on Thursday, April 3rd, Chris, Anthea and family said

"He sent His word and healed them". God's word is true and can be trusted. We stand with you for a complete healing for Kate. Thank you for keeping us all posted with updates. God bless you both and all of the Dias family.

on Thursday, April 3rd, extrakrispie@gmail.com">Kristi said

Hi Paul,

We are praying diligently for you and for Kate. God is always with His children. He will never leave you and will always give you the strength you need. We'll continue to pray for you our friends. With much love and prayer, Arley and Kristi.

on Thursday, April 3rd, bsgtoivonen@sympatico.ca">Bill Toivonen said

All the best to you and your wife Paul. My wife Sheila and I will pray for her continued recover and for your energy to get through this unfortunate event.

on Thursday, April 3rd, aquon@idirect.ca">Anson said

Hi Paul
Thanks for the encouraging update. We will continue praying for a complete recovery and specifically for the healing of Kate's airway and the infection.
We are trusting God for a great testimony of healing and recovery.
Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.
With much love and continued pray for you and your family.
Anson and family

on Thursday, April 3rd, Kim and Loren said

You can do it Kate!
You are always in our thoughts. Love, support and strength to all of you.
Do you need a hot meal delivered? Or anything in my power?

on Thursday, April 3rd, lutzr@sympatico.ca">Dale & Roeli Lutz said

We are praying for complete recovery for Kate. God is good. He is able to do far above anything we can ask or even think.
Thanking HIM for Kate's healing and for strength for the rest of the family.

on Thursday, April 3rd, Jacalyn said

Dear Paul & Kate,
We are both pleased to hear the promising news regarding Kate’s progress. The first time I met Kate (at one of the cousin parties) I thought she was such a strong person and this attribute is definitely showing now! Steve and I are thinking and praying for you both!
Love, Jacalyn and Stevie, xxxxxx

on Thursday, April 3rd, Marie Maragna said

Dear Kate, Paul & Family,
Thank you for the updates. The positive progress she is making in this short time is quite promising.
We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. The CSU community is missing you greatly.
Marie & Kinga

on Friday, April 4th, Craig,Maggie & JD Newlove said

Dear Kate, Paul and families,
Please know that the Newlove Family have been following Kate's progress and we have been praying for her full recovery and for her comfort at this challenging time. We will be happy to hear that she has been "promoted" out of ICU. Our hearts and prayers will continue to be with all of you.
Love from Maggie,Craig and JD

on Friday, April 4th, Wayne & Nora Lea Arcand said

Hi Paul, Kate and families,
We just wanted you to know that there are a few more folks here in Sudbury praying for all of you. Our Bible study group, which includes four of the first Belize team, have taken you to heart and will continue to pray over the days ahead as you travel the slow road to recovery.
So much trauma doesn't end quickly and we know there'll be moments when it all seems too overwhelming. Those are the moments to remember the faithfulness of God and know that He is able to carry you through whatever the days ahead may bring. He will give you the strength to go on. He will give you the courage to face the challenges. And He will give you much joy as you see each forward step Kate is making.
Pace yourselves, get some rest, and God bless you!
Love, Wayne & Nora Lea (Alana's mom & dad)

on Friday, April 4th, graham@dtcarson.com">dorothy graham said

Hello Paul and Kate, so glad you are making good progress Kate. Willis and i will continue to pray with regard to the infection and airway. Paul, you are doing a wonderful job in keeping everyone informed about kate's progress - it means a lot to us when we are so far away. Lots and lots of love from Ireland. Uncle Willis and Aunt Dorothy xoxo

on Friday, April 4th, Donna and Anthony said

Hi Paul
We are still praying for Kate every second of every day, thank you so much for keeping us up to date on her progress.She will make it she is strong and determined.God bless you both.We can't wait for tho okay to come and see her.Lots of Love

on Friday, April 4th, vlockett10@cogeco.ca">Vall Lockett said

Dear Paul:

So happy to see that Kate is progressing so well she certainly is in Good Hands...those of her Heavenly Father, her loving husband, her beautiful family, wonderful friends and a team of doctors whom God is using to bring about this incredible miracle. Thanks for the updates and I continue to lift you all up in prayer.

on Friday, April 4th, vlockett10@cogeco.ca">Vall Lockett said

Dear Paul:

So happy to see that Kate is progressing so well she certainly is in Good Hands...those of her Heavenly Father, her loving husband, her beautiful family, wonderful friends and a team of doctors whom God is using to bring about this incredible miracle. Thanks for the updates and I continue to lift you all up in prayer.

on Friday, April 4th, Troy said

Hi Paul,

Just spoke to my Mom and Dad who are presently in GOA. My entire Dads family in India and Qatar are praying for Kate.
With all our love
Bobby, Neil, Manisha and Troy

on Friday, April 4th, Marg & David Fox said

We are the parents of Jordan, who knows Kate from teachers college. He told us of the accident the morning after, and we immediately started to pray. We look forward everyday to your updates and pray for her recovery. Our God is an AWESOME God. We may never meet, but we are all sisters and brothers coming together, praying as one. God Bless.

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