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04/02/2008: "Wednesday night"

*update at the end*
Sorry for the late update tonight but plans have been up in the air all afternoon. Close to the scheduled time for the operation we were told that it had been delayed and were behind 2 other operations. The expected time was 11pm provided they didn't have any other delays. This wasn't great because it would have been likely that it would be delayed to tomorrow. So the good news is that plans changed again, and when I went in to see Kate at 8:30 they were preparing her for surgery. By 9:30 they were in the OR and we expect it too take 2 hours or so.

So its 10:45 now and we're waiting for the surgery to finish. I'll update this again after the surgery.

The surgery was a success and we were able to see Kate at 12:30 after they had brought her back to the ICU. The breathing tube is still in but we expect it to be removed today.

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on Wednesday, April 2nd, joeydg@gmail.com">Joey said

Glad she got in for the surgery today!

I'm so proud of how strong you've been Paul. I know Kate is proud of you too!

Kate is amazing!! What an inspirational fighter!

on Wednesday, April 2nd, becka_lane@hotmail.com">Rebecca said

Keep up the fight Kate! Your amazing and all your family and friends are praying for you! I know Scotiabank is!

on Thursday, April 3rd, wallace_shona@hotmail.com">Shona Wallace said

Paul, we haven't met, I go to school with Kate and have the same placement at Alexander's. I wanted to let you know that I have been praying for all of you. Kate is such an amazing person. Her strength and tenacity will get her through this. Please let her know I am thinking about her. My prayers are with all of you at this time. Thank you for thinking of us and keeping us updated. Have strength and know that you are not alone in this trying time.

Blessings, Shona

on Thursday, April 3rd, mromulus@gmail.com">Mélissa Romulus said

Good day Paul,

We have only met once (at your wedding)so you may not remember me! I am a friend of the Dias family from childhood.

I am praying for Kate and for you (peace, strength and endurance) and for the family and I will ask that you give Meg a great big hug from me? And tell her and Chris, Doug and Joe that my sister Ketly and I are praying for them!

I am amazed and even more convinced of the Lord's hand in Katie's recovery. I pray that this situation will turn out for His glory - A 'show and tell' of His strength and His love.

Thank you for passing along my comments and love to the Dias' and please let us know when it is okay to visit!

Much Love,


on Thursday, April 3rd, Marilyn said

Dear Paul & Kate,

Continue to pray and think about the 2 of you throughout the day.

We are all waiting anxiously to hear how the surgery went.

Thank you again for keeping us all up to date in Kate's recovery.

Tom, Marilyn, Milan & Gabrielle.

on Thursday, April 3rd, Susan Trombley said

I also want to thankyou Paul for the updates.We are so thankful for the faithfulness of God during this difficult time , but also know it is hard to keep a good woman down , and you are definitly married to a good one. Our prayers continue to be with Kate , you and the family.We look forward to the witness and testimony of what a miraculous Savior we serve.Just to let you know there are alot of folks here in Nova Scotia praying for you.

on Thursday, April 3rd, oliviajoy@sympatico.ca">Audrey Marek said

When we first heard about the accident, I gathered my young sons to pray, and Samuel, my nine year old, had the faith to pray for her healing as we stretched out our hands. It was inspiring. My heart goes out to all of you, especially Kate. I know Kate from The Bridge, she often sang on the worship team with me, and she always had such enthusiasm in worship, and a beautiful spirit! She also seemed quite determined, (in a good way!), and this will certainly work in her favour as she recovers. Paul, thanks for the updates. It helps us to pray more specifically. Kate is very blessed to have you standing by her side. In prayer, we have been asking for full restoration, for strength, calmness, ministering angels all around her, the resurrection power of Jesus to be at work in her body, and however else the spirit leads to pray! Clearly, the Lord is giving you much strength and courage, Paul. May the strong arms of the Lord continue to comfort and sustain you all. What the enemy has meant for evil, God is able to work out for good, and for His glory! Peace to you. 'I will fear no evil, for you are with me...' Ps.23:4. Audrey, Tom, David, Samuel, and Jordan Marek

on Thursday, April 3rd, Ted and Donna Leck said

Not sure we ever met but we have been praying for you both ... Donna worked with Kate at Scotia in Sudbury, and we lived in Hamilton before that but their greater bond was their faith. We have prayed specifically that God would BE your strength as you are a tower of strength for Kate ... and of course we have prayed progressively that (early on) God would spare Kate, (as she progressed) that God would heal her and in His creative way bring good out of this accident for you and Kate (Romans 8:28). I don't think we've read one of your updates without tears in our eyes. We anticipate more good news in the days to come, hang in there Paul.

Ted & Donna

on Thursday, April 3rd, Dani said

Go Kate! Lots of good thoughts today!

on Thursday, April 3rd, pastorjosh@bethelwallaceburg.com">Joshua Trombley said

I always knew that Kate was the toughest Dias and I think this is proving it. I am praying for you Kate aswell as everyone else. Keep strong and thanks Paul for putting this on your page!

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