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04/02/2008: "Wednesday morning"

Ok, we've got the word from the doctor about the next little while. First off the jaw surgery is scheduled for today at 5pm. As mentioned earlier, this is holding up the extubation, which is needed before she is allowed to leave the ICU. They might take the tube out tonight (if the surgery goes well), but it sounds more likely that it will happen tomorrow morning when there more people around to make sure she is able to maintain her airway.

The other progress has been Kate's awareness of her surroundings. Last night when Joe was in with her she was playing with his ring and bracelet, then to his surprise she started snapping her fingers. I imagine she's quite pleased with this new trick and was happy to do it for a little later in the night. That said, we were out of the room most of the night so that she could sleep. She knows when people are around and gets moving around. This is good, but right now its more important that she gets her rest.

We also got comfirmation that we were out of the 5 day period of risk for increased brain swelling and that she was doing well in that regard. They said that there was no need to do follow up catscans because she is responsive and showing signs of improvement.

The last bit of good news was the topic of Kate leaving the ICU. No specific timeline, but the fact that the doctor's are talking about it is nice. Her next step would be sub-accute ward which is an intermediate step before moving to the normal ward.

So prayers for her surgery and extubation that there are no complications. I have been reading the emails everybody has been sending, and I plan to read them to her when she's more awake.

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on Wednesday, April 2nd, me@cogeco.ca">Auntie Margaret said

Praise the Lord !!!!!

on Wednesday, April 2nd, Ted Rabski said


We are thinking and praying for you and your family here at work.

Thanks for the updates..

on Wednesday, April 2nd, Carolyn Goodwin said

Hey Paul this is great news, I hope the surgery goes well later this afternoon. We'll be thinking of Kate at 5:00!
Sending lots of love to you all - Carolyn

on Wednesday, April 2nd, Crewson family said

It has been good to keep updated via your website so we can pray more intelligently. We will certainly be praying during the surgery tonight, and regarding the breathing tube issues. Greet the rest of the Dias family for us, and assure them of our prayers and support. Welcome back, Joe, to Canadian soil.
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13 - Tracy for all the Crewsons

on Wednesday, April 2nd, rousson@sickkids.ca">Brian Rousson said


Thank you for taking the time to continually update everyone on Kate's progress. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kate, you and the rest of the family.

on Wednesday, April 2nd, joeydg@gmail.com">Joey said

WoooohOOOooo Kate.

on Wednesday, April 2nd, joeydg@gmail.com">Joey said

WoooohOOOooo Kate.

on Wednesday, April 2nd, joeydg@gmail.com">Joey said

:) :) :) :) :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

on Wednesday, April 2nd, heatherhallahan@gmail.com">Heather Hallahan said


on Wednesday, April 2nd, Cheryl Stipic said

Way to go Katie!!!... Everyone is thinking of you constantly.. we will be sending our strength this evening.. and as for tomorrow, Snow White shall finally feel her true loves first kiss AGAIN!! :o)

on Wednesday, April 2nd, puppytazz@hotmail.com">Cheryl Stipic said

Hey Katie. We are thinking of you constantly and will be sending our strength this evening at 5. As for tomorrow; Snow White shall receive her true love's first kiss. AGAIN!!! :o)

if this posts twice im sorry.. it didnt show so im posting again.

on Wednesday, April 2nd, littlered94@hotmail.com">Sean O'Connell said

Hey Paul,
I just heard about the accident today. I'm shocked to hear that it happened, and amazed to hear about her recovery. Kate always seems to be able to shock and amaze us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Kate and the Dias family. We really appreciate the updates.

on Wednesday, April 2nd, smithsiane@gmail.com">Sian, Pete, Emily & Rachel said

Hello all!
Although we are enjoying the hot Mexican sun, our thoughts and prayers are in Hamilton with you guys. So, so, so happy to hear all the progress!!! Kate is one tough cookie. Our love and prayers to Paul, and the whole family. I wish I knew how to say something prophetic in Spanish to end off this note! Lots of love to you.
The Smiths

on Wednesday, April 2nd, redwine650@hotmail.com">Sandi Caldwell-Mcdonald said

Hi Paul, I just heard about Kate and my words do not seem to be enough I am grateful that you do this update and I will be praying for you and Kate in regards to her surgery. My prayers are with you and Kate and her family.

on Wednesday, April 2nd, loves2shop22@hotmail.com">Angie said

Thank you for the update it is great new...My thoughts and prayers are with Kate and the family during this time. Kate we miss your beautiful smile at school:).

on Wednesday, April 2nd, ctrombleydiving@yahoo.com">Charles Trombley said

Hi Paul & Kate,
Susan and I are praying continually for you guys. May you feel our love for you and be ever mindful of Gods love. I am south in Tampa on a course but thankful for email can stay updated and praise God as things progress.

We love you
God Bless

on Wednesday, April 2nd, carverhilary@hotmail.com">Hilary said

Paul - your updates are great. Thanks so much.
Kate, you are amazingly strong and have the determination that will enable you to recover in record time.
If anyone can make a fashion statement out of a hospital gown, it will be you!
Love you, Hilary

on Wednesday, April 2nd, melanielangille@gmail.com">Melanie Langille said

Hey Paul!
Heard about Kate's accident when I went home this past weekend! I am so sorry to hear that! Just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you guys!
Love Mel

on Wednesday, April 2nd, Melanie Langille said

Hey Paul!
I heard about Kate's accident when I went home this past weekend. I am so sorry to hear that and just wanted you guys to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!
Love Mel

on Wednesday, April 2nd, Caleb & Mallorie Leduc said

Paul & Kate,

You are both continually in our prayers, and we wish you the best recovery possible. May the Lord give you both the strength and comfort through this time.

Caleb and Mal

on Wednesday, April 2nd, Luke Morrison said


You have one amazing husband! I ask for healing to flow into you from the creator, whenever you and Paul cross my mind.

You are loved!

Paul's reports are awesome to read. They give me tingles to know you are there.

You'll have to tell me all about it as soon as you are well.


on Wednesday, April 2nd, Hey Paul said

Hey Paul & Kate
This all sounds like good news today, by now the surgery has happened and hope it went well too. Thanks for the updates and know we are praying and sending positive energy your way.
love bob & tammy

on Thursday, April 3rd, eadohan@hotmail.com">Elaine Dohan said

Everything is possible for those who put all their trust and hope in the Lord. Victory in Christ!! Praise Jesus!!! Will be praying at 5:00pm and for continued healing! Love & God's favour to you and the family and most importantly Kate!
Our Love - Elaine & Jayme Dohan

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