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04/01/2008: "Tuesday morning update"

Another small step forward this morning with results of the MRI. No ligiment damage was visible so they cleared of Kate's neck and the removed the collar. They will now be trying to schedule the jaw surgery today or tomorrow. Once that's done they should be able to remove the breathing tube.

Kate is more awake now, and the breathing tube is obviously uncomfortable. She is also more agitated and moving around in her bed, but this is a good thing in terms of her recovery. Her eyes are more engaging and she seems to be understanding more of what we are saying. Her left side is still a lot weaker and we have been told that it may take a long time for that to recover.

Anyway, that's the news this morning. Once again, thanks for all the prayers for Kate, and please keep them coming.

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on Tuesday, April 1st, Dani said

That is great positive news Paul, thank you for all the updates. We are thinking about you both constantly

Lots of Love

on Tuesday, April 1st, thosmor@cogeco.ca">Ruth & Tom Morrison said

Constantly remembering you both throughout each day, and so thankful for the signs of progress that you have seen, with prayer and care, Ruth and Tom

on Tuesday, April 1st, The DiMatteo's said

We have had both you and Kate in our hearts, mind and prayers! If there is anything you need PLEASE just ask! Even if it's for one of Walt's espresso and "S" cookies!! :)
Thanks for the postings Paul!
AND PLEASE keep up the great work Kate!!
Walt, Marlene and Domenic

on Tuesday, April 1st, Ryan said


Thank you for all of the updates. That's great news. Just continue to keep your head up and stay positive. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

The Hintenach Family

on Tuesday, April 1st, Linda Hope said

Hey Paul,

Just so you know, all of TACF is praying for you and Kate! Thanks so much for the updates, we love you both soo much! It's exciting to hear her progress and to see God's hand in her life and i just really feel his presence is in her room.

Will keep on praying for you both! Much love to you, Kate and her family!


on Tuesday, April 1st, wtlovato@sympatico.ca">Tricia Lovato said

Hi Paul,
We are keeping Kate in our prayers. That is great news today and I pray she continues to recover. May God watch over her and be with you all.
All our love
Tricia and Walter Lovato

on Tuesday, April 1st, playpoohsticks@yahoo.ca">Rachel Grey said

Thanks for the updates Paul--keeping you both in my prayers and thinking of you often!
God bless and strengthen you both,

on Tuesday, April 1st, warriordancer@hotmail.com">Sarah said

GO KATE!! :)

on Tuesday, April 1st, junedelic@gmail.com">June Delic said

Hi Paul,
Very pleased to hear the good news today. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Kate at this difficult time. Love, The Delic Family.

on Tuesday, April 1st, aquon@idirect.ca">Anson said

Hi Paul
Thanks for the encouraging update.
It's great news!!!
We will continue pray for a full recovery.
With all of our love
The Quon family

on Tuesday, April 1st, Vanessa Albanez said

We are praying for Kate , you Paul, and the Dias family. Everyone at EPC are praying for you as well and I know that God is in control of this situation and He will do wonderful things in her life and yours.
Vanessa, Jorge and Jorge Andres Albanez

on Tuesday, April 1st, cwsnoek@sympatico.ca">Chris and Connie Snoek said

Dear Paul:
Thank you for the update. We have been praying for Kate's complete and speedy recovery. We keep you and the family continually in our prayers and we will continue to pray for your encouragement and strength.
We are looking forward to more positive updates in the days to come.

Chris and Connie Snoek
(Angelica Cassidy's parents)

on Tuesday, April 1st, elmannell@bbie.org">Eleanor Mannell said

Hi Paul - thank you for writing and tell us of Kate's progress. You are both in our thoughts and prayers especially for the upcoming surgery. Keep strong.
Love from Eleanor and John Mannell Luke, Micah and Aaron

on Tuesday, April 1st, hisprincess@cogeco.ca">Antonia and Ted Hiland said

Hi Paul, Ted and I are praying every night together for Katie. She was always a happy girl and she will be again!

on Monday, April 7th, doriswhitney@aol.com">Doris Whitney said

I wanted you to know that Tom and I,Laura and Keith,and Philip and Nermin are praying for Kate's full recovery. "He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak."

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