March 2008

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03/31/2008: "Monday update"

Not too much major news today, but some more positive progress.

Last night they started the weaning process for the respirator to prepare to remove her breathing tube. They started by getting her to initiate the breath but with a lot of assistance. Now that has progressed to the point where she is doing most of the work. Once they firm up her jaw surgery they will be able to remove the tube.

In order to do the jaw surgery they need to have her neck cleared. In order for that to happen they need check for ligiment damage in har neck. So today the big thing was getting an MRI done to see if there is any ligiment damage in her neck. So the MRI was at 4 and because of the time we haven't heard the results yet. We hope to hear that early tomorrow.

Other than that the next thing coming up is the 5 day mark. This, after the 48 hour milestone, is a significant point in terms of swelling in the brain. So far we are doing well but passing tomorrow night without signs of swelling in the brain is the goal.

I think that covers the major news for the day. We have really appreciated all the notes, emails and phone messages saying that they are praying for us and Kate.

Please continue to pray for her recovery as well as the doctors and nurses working on her. We are seeing answers prayers daily, and are really encouraged by that so please keep that up. We have been reading our emails but understandably have not been able to answer most of them.

Replies: 11 Comments

on Monday, March 31st, colinj_graham@yahoo.co.uk">Colin said

That's good news so far. It was really tough to stay focused today, I'm thinking about you and Kate all the time. We'll see you in a few days, stay strong Brother.

on Monday, March 31st, dvboreland@aol.com">Dale and Virginia Boreland said

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and Katie during this time.

Please send our love to Margaret, Chris, Doug and Joey too.

Dale and Virginia

on Monday, March 31st, Cheryl Stipic said

Kate is a true fighter. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. I would just like to thank you for the updates. It is very thoughtful of you to take the time to keep us all informed.

on Monday, March 31st, aquon@idirect.ca">Anson and Family said

Hi Paul and Margaret
Thanks for keeping us updated - we are so happy to hear about the progress Kate is making everyday. We continue to petiton the Lord in pray for a complete recovery and a great testimony of His faithfullness. Please let us know if their is anything we can help you with.
I am so reminded of a special visit from Cecil when I was struggling with my brain tumour. This experience really showed how tough it was on those closest to me-my family and friends. So we pray God's peace and comfort would be upon you all.
We love you (even though we have not met you Paul)we see you as One with Kate. Your beautiful wedding photos inspired us all-thank you.
God Bless
Anson and family

on Tuesday, April 1st, graham@dtcarson.com">Dorothy Graham said

Hello Paul, So sorry to hear of Kate's accident.
Willis and I pray she will make a full recovery and we are confident that she will.
It would be nice to be with you all at this time but we will just continue to pray from this side of the ocean. The old computer is good at keeping us informed of Kate's progress. God Bless you all. Lots of Love Uncle Willis and Aunt Dorothy xoxoxo

on Tuesday, April 1st, Carolyn Goodwin said

Hi Paul,
Hang in there, this is going to be an anxious day for you and all Kate's family and friends...We are all thinking of you, and remembering Kate in our prayers.

Every day we're checking your posts and watching our e-mails as we wait to see how Kate progresses.

We will continue to pray for her and for the guiding hands of the Doctors and Nurses who are caring for her at Hamilton General. Sending Lots of Love, Carolyn, Robert, Sam and Yvonne XOXOX

on Tuesday, April 1st, Marilyn said

Hi Paul,

Thank you so very much for taking time out of your trying day to give us up-dates. It is very thoughtful of you and they are very much appreciated.

We are thinking of you and Kate every minute of the day and praying for her speedy recovery. Today is an important day (day 5) for you and we look forward to hearing how Kate is progressing.

All our love to you, Kate, your mom and dad as well as Kates family.

Love, Tom, Marilyn, Milan & Gabrielle

on Tuesday, April 1st, cynthiaclark@cogeco.ca">Cindy Clark said

Very pleased to hear the good report today. The Clark family send their love and will continue to pray until Kate is well.

Love Bruce Cindy Katy
Lauren and Joel

on Tuesday, April 1st, parisamahony@yahoo.ca">Parisa Mahony(from scotia bank) said

Please let her know we are praying for her so she gets out of this ok. Thankyou Paul for keeping us updated.

-Parisa M.

on Sunday, April 6th, haroldseidenberg@hotmail.com">Ann and Harold Seidenberg said

We are continuing in prayer everyday for Kate. Thank you for the updates as we can take specifics to the Lord each day.

Love and prayers,

Ann and Harold

on Sunday, April 6th, maryfoster@sympatico.ca">Mary Foster said

Dear Kate
Can't imagine the journey you have been on this past week with the Lord, Paul, Meg, and your entire family at your side. You are precious to and loved by so many. It's amazing to hear of the battles you continue to win. Our prayers will continue as you heal completely.
Love Mary

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