February 2008

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02/27/2008: "P.Eng. certificate"

Many years ago I couldn't spell inginear, now I are one. Tonight I finally received my certificate saying that I'm a Professional Engineer licensed in the province of Ontario. I actually gained that status last September, but tonight was the certificate presentation ceremony held by the Niagara region chapter of the PEO.

peng_cert (57k image)

Replies: 4 Comments

on Thursday, February 28th, Dani said

Congrats Paul! That is definitely something to be proud of

on Saturday, March 1st, kathleenrgraham@aol.com">David and Kathy Graham said

Hey Paul....all that lego sure paid off! And all your hard work.
We're very proud of you and your accomplishments.
We are very happy for you. Especially now you have your wonderful wife to walk alongside you through through these great mountain peaks of your life.
Lots of love. Praying for God's richest blessings for you and Kate. Mom and Dad

on Monday, March 3rd, joeydg@gmail.com">Joey said

Congrats Paul. . . .

love joey and Colin

on Monday, March 3rd, Paul Graham said

Thanks everybody

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