February 2008

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02/24/2008: "Our Paper Anniversary"

One year ago today...

So that makes today our paper anniversary...

Replies: 4 Comments

on Sunday, February 24th, me@cogeco.ca">margaret said

Congrats. So glad it was a paper year as that is what we sent you ..maybe you have got it already if not at least its in the mail ..sorry its not $$$$

on Tuesday, February 26th, Dani said

Congrats guys! Wow, a year has gone quickly!

on Monday, March 3rd, Paul Graham said

Thanks Aunt Margaret, we received your card this weekend (it took the long way to Port Colborne)

on Monday, March 3rd, joeydg@gmail.com">Joey said

congrats guys. it doesn't seem that long ago.

We sent a little card, but we don't have the port colbourne address - we sent it to Kate's mom's house.

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