December 2007

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12/03/2007: "Minimum theremin"

here's something I've been working on for quite some time... Many years ago my cousin Jo-Ann asked if it was possible to build a
theremin... Ever since then I've been looking for ways to build one for a reasonable price. This year I found a kit you could purchase for $100 called the Minimum theremin. This seemed a little steep, and with a little searching I found plans for it and a parts list here. This year for Christmas I was given Andrzej (jo-Ann's husband) to get a gift for, so I thought it was a good chance to give this a try. I ordered the parts from Digi-key and set about soldering it together. I was living in a hotel room at the time, so I had to make sure I put everything away each day just in case the cleaning staff thought I was building a bomb. Anyway, it all came together and last weekend we had our Graham-McQuillan Christmas where I gave it to Andrzej. Here are some pictures of the finished instrument:

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