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08/26/2007: "6 months"

On Friday Kate and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary... a lot has changed for us in the first half a year of marriage, and now its time for us to start a new phase. Kate is starting teacher's college and I've got a temporary transfer with work. So in a little while it'll be good bye to Sudbury (for now) and hello southern Ontario.

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on Sunday, August 26th, Dani said

Hey! You're coming back to TO??

on Sunday, August 26th, Paul said

Not quite Toronto... I'm going to be working in Port Colburn (Niagara region).

on Monday, August 27th, Dani said

That is closer then Sudbury!:)

on Friday, August 31st, joey said

congrats. . .

it will be the end of the school year before you know it.

This next year will fly by. . . .

You know how long it took for Colin and I to realize you guys meant Port Colburn and not Port Coburg?

on Saturday, September 1st, Paul said

Hey Joey, I hope it didn't take you guys too long... there's no such place as Port Coburg :confused:

on Saturday, September 1st, me@cogeco.ca">margaret said

Its Port Colborne you are going to

on Saturday, September 1st, Joey said

Its the space between Port Hope and Coburg. . . geeesh, everyone knows that.

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