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07/10/2007: "Killarney Canoe trip"

The Graham's in Killarney

Kate and I finally went on our 1st canoe trip together. Our weekends have been pretty busy, and finding time to make a trip like this has been hard, but we were able to pull it off this last weekend. I'll have to post more details about the trip later (including maps and camp sites), but for now I'll keep it brief and post a couple pictures...

We started at Carlyle Lake Road, through Johnny Lake, Clear Sliver Lake, David Lake, Balsam Lake, 3 mile Lake, Bell Lake, back to Johnny and finally back to Carlyle where our car was parked. Then we went to the town of Killarney for some world famous fish and chips from Herbert Fisheries.

More pictures here (only a few for now... more will be added later).

Replies: 2 Comments

on Tuesday, July 10th, Joey said

The weather looked quite agreeable. I thought for sure with the reports on the telly you guys were going to get drenched!

Glad you had a good time.

on Tuesday, July 10th, Paul said

Yeah, the weather was quite nice. We had some sprinkles on Saturday and Sunday, but nothing significant. Sunday night we had thunder storms most of the night with some pretty cool lightning, but we were dry in the tent so no issues there.

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