March 2007

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03/28/2007: "ThePhotoGuy.ca at MSO Provincials"

MSO_lu_pool (32k image)

This past weekend Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) had their provincials hosted by the Laurentian masters swim club (the people I swim with). Instead of swimming I was taking pictures for www.thephotoguy.ca.

Talk about a crazy learning experience... I shot about 6,500 photos over the weekend, which I thought was the hard part... There were two events going on at a time (each end of the pool), and it was Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday. Turns out getting them sorted into individual heats (from scribbles on post-it notes) and putting them online was also very hard. My galleries have a good tool for uploading, but when there's that many heats it just takes for ever. Kate got the fun job of manning a table with the computer and trying to help people find their photos.

All in all I think it went really well, and so far the comments have been really positive.

Direct link to the galleries here

MSO_mask (29k image)

MSO_fly (25k image)

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