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03/08/2007: "We're back"

Hey everybody... Kate and I are back and unpacking in Sudbury. We have photos from our wedding online (now including the Professional photographer's shots) in the gallery here. There are also a number of shots from other people that were taken during the wedding.

Replies: 3 Comments

on Thursday, March 8th, Dani said

Great shots guys! No big surprise though, it was such a great day it would be impossible to have bad shots. I hope the honeymoon was a blast.

on Friday, March 9th, Charis said

Hey! It was so much fun to see the 2 of you in the airport...ohh the small world we live in. Hope you had anamazing time. You both look great in your pics.

on Tuesday, March 13th, Paul Graham said

Thanks for the comments... it was a fantastic day, and we had a super honeymoon. We'll be posting pictures shortly...

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