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02/24/2007: "Today's the day..."

Today's the big day. Everything has come together nicely, and its going to be a lot of fun. Its going to be a great time, and I'm looking forward to it.

I don't expect to be updating this for a little while, but when I do there will be lots of pictures... See you all on the flip side.

Replies: 6 Comments

on Sunday, February 25th, Dani said

And it was a great day. You both looked perfect and everyone had a fantastic time. Best wedding I have been to in a long time!

on Sunday, February 25th, Friend said

Congratulations to the both of you!

on Monday, February 26th, melanielangille@gmail.com">Melanie Langille said

Hey guys! Congrats and enjoy the honeymoon!!! Can't wait to meet you Kate! Talk to you soon Paul! Great to see you last week! Take care!

on Monday, February 26th, Joey said

Congrats BIL & SIL.

I've (started to) put pictures up on the gallery. . . . .

They can be seen at:


on Tuesday, February 27th, Joey said

I've added a ton more pictures, (also added some from Aunt Fran and Cousin Eleanor), If anyone has any photos to add to the gallery - email me at joeydg@gmail.com

Let's surprise Kate and Paul with a nice big gallery for when they get back from the sunny south. Think of all the weddings Paul has taken pictures for :)

Don't forget to leave Paul and Kate some well wishes in the gallery, too :)

on Tuesday, February 27th, hay@ontario.ca">Michael and Maureen Hay said

Wow - what a wedding and a great day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. You guys have set the standard for outstanding wedding. You are both lucky to have such great family and friends. Thanks a ton and see you in Sudbury - by the way Sudbury isnt far north at all - just drive north and when the traffic congestion clears - you are there!!

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