January 2007

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01/30/2007: "Toronto Star Ironman articles"

Here's a couple articles in Today's Toronto star about how Ironman is today's marathon. I'm sure one of these days I'll do one...

Iron Will How the Ironman race is the next ultimate achievement in personal fitness
Running a marathon was once the everyman's Everest.

"People of all shapes and sizes who like to run and compete are doing (the marathon)," says Jay Glassman, race director of the Toronto Marathon. "It's an easy sport to do. You compete against yourself."

So what is a highly competitive overachiever to do but step it up a notch? Enter the Ironman. It's set to become the new benchmark for the hardcore amateur athlete.

About Schmidt: An everyman's event?
Ten-time Ironman champ Lisa Bentley is coaching five athletic overachievers to help them obtain their Ironman dream. One of them is Mayo Schmidt...

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