January 2007

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01/23/2007: "More thanks"

Another huge thank you... this time for my groomsmen for putting together a fantastic stag for me last Saturday. You guys did a great job of pulling people together and organizing a fun filled afternoon and evening. Thanks to Steve and Colin for your help and travelling for the weekend to make it out. Thanks to Joe for pulling it all together and organizing the herd.

I also want to thank everybody who came out for part or all of the events. I had a great time, and it was fun spending it with old and new friends. Thanks also to everybody who contributed to the collection that Joe organized. With the generous contribution I was able to get a sweet cordless power tool set. I went out to homedepot last night (after researching it all online) and got a 7 tool set, a portable shop vac (that uses the same batteries) and a halogen work light. Thanks a ton guys.
Stag_gift (52k image)

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on Tuesday, January 23rd, sneige@hotmail.com">Kate said

Anyone else notice that lack of stag-details in this post?

:) just teasing!

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