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01/12/2007: "Mission accomplished"

Ok, all the major stuff is done and my parents are heading down south tomorrow morning. A huge thanks from Kate and I goes out to my mom and dad for coming up here for a week and fixing up our bathroom.

Here's something I threw together to give my parent's to say thanks... its a slide show of the pictures I took during the process. I put it up on youtube so that other people could view it. The montage is just over 5 minutes in length and most of the pictures were ones I posted along the way in this gallery.

Replies: 3 Comments

on Friday, January 12th, Dani said

Amazing - who does an entire bathroom renovation in a week???

on Tuesday, January 16th, Gregory said

I am in awe!!!! That Dave is a machine :)

Brockville is not that far way :)

on Thursday, February 15th, Joey said

Greeeeg, step in line dude.

I think given we're family we should get a renovation or two first.

And then we can say that Brockville is on the way home. . . .


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