January 2007

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01/11/2007: "Bathroom Renovations... almost done"

A week later, and we're almost done the major work. My parents have been working crazy hours on this thing, and I've been working all night on it when I get home from work. Its coming together really nicely. I've been posting pictures along the way, so if you go here you can see how its progressed. Last night we installed the vanity, so now its really looking like a bathroom. The one we bought is low profile, so between that and the removal of a half wall and built in cupboard the bathroom now feels quite large.

Replies: 2 Comments

on Thursday, January 11th, Dani said

Wow, that looks awesome!

on Thursday, January 11th, sneige@hotmail.com">Kate said

I adore our new bathroom! We have good taste!

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