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01/04/2007: "Bathroom renovations"

My Parents are up here renovating the bathroom for Kate's imminent arrival. They arrived today and started the gutting process. I'll be posting pictures along the way... they can be found here

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on Thursday, January 4th, Dani said

Wow, impressive! But I am sure Kate would have loved the pink tub!

on Tuesday, January 9th, Dani said

Holy cow, you guys are bookin' it! I just looked at the pictures again today and it looks like you are more than half way already!

on Wednesday, January 10th, Paul Graham said

Yeah, we're making pretty good progress. Last night we got the crown molding, tub surround tile grouted, and bath tub fixtures. Today/tonight we're hoping to get the floor grouted, baseboards on and the vanity installed.

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