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12/18/2006: "For Grahams named Paul"

Here's an interesting concept... I got an e-mail from another Paul Graham over the weekend. It starts like this...

Hello. My name is Paul Graham, and so is yours.

I am writing to you because I think it would be interesting and fun to
list the URLs of all the folk who share our name on my web site -- a
Paul Graham Portal, if you will. An international pantheon of Paul
Grahams! A Paul Graham gathering place. Or perhaps an apauling idea
whose time has come. :-)"


A neat idea, seeing as there were 3 Paul Graham's in Sudbury alone when I first moved here. One has since left, but just last Friday I had someone come up and ask me if I was a different Paul Graham. Apparently he grew up in Sudbury, and is about my age. Anyway, apparently is a very common name, although I've never actually met another Paul Graham, only heard about them.

Paul S Graham's start to the list

Replies: 4 Comments

on Monday, December 18th, Paul Graham said

Hi Paul. Thanks for joining in the fun. The web of Paul Grahams is growing! :D

on Monday, December 18th, Joey said

Very very interesting, with a sidedish of random creepiness. . . .

I'm certain I'm the only me. . . .so my club would be lonley.

Good thing I call you 'BIL' - I can keep you straight in the sea of Paul Grahams. . . .

Congrats on finding some of the 'others'


on Wednesday, December 20th, sneige@hotmail.com">kate said

why is it that there are so many paul grahams that would actually come up with this idea?

on Thursday, January 11th, Paul Graham said

oddly enough I just got e-mailed by another Paul Graham who was looking at my bathroom renovations.

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