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11/17/2006: "Christmas wish list"

Ok... haven't really done a big list like last year (partly because I only got one item on it). So, instead I'll link to amazon.ca and lee valley wishlists I've created, and the wedding registries Kate and I have made. Ikea, Canadian Tire, Henry's and the Running room are great places to get gift cards if one were so inclined ;)

Lee Valley wish list

amazon.ca wish list

Wedding registries:
Mountain Equipment Co-op wishlist

William Ashley

The Bay

Ikea stuff (they don't do official registries, so its on my webpage)

Replies: 3 Comments

on Monday, November 20th, Joey said

I would like to state for the record that twas I who did purchase said one item from the notorious Christmas List.

I got Paul the Camp Cookery book he wanted. Was a tenner!


Love you BIL, Joey

on Monday, November 20th, Paul said

Thanks Joey. Actually, I exaggerated. I got at least three other items from the list last year.

on Tuesday, November 21st, Joey said


Now I can't be all self-congratulatory.


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