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09/05/2006: "Big news"

So, this probably doesn't come as a surprise to most people, but shortly after our trip to Belize with a group from my church, Kate and I got engaged. Readers digest version: I proposed to Kate on Silver peak while wearing my Kilt. She was surprised, it was great, our families are thrilled, and we're thinking of a February wedding. Click more for the long version.

eng_2 (15k image)

Some more pictures can be found HERE

The Long version:
I had made a couple trips down south previously in the summer to ensure that everything would be set, and would have the ring. We drove to Sudbury together after getting back from Belize, and spent some time together in Sudbury relaxing. On Thursday we planned to do a day trip canoeing in Killarney. It was my plan to propose that day, so I had to get things set without Kate clueing in. We had a nice lunch packed the night before, and we set out early Thursday morning to get down to Killarney. Everything went perfectly... we arrived just before the park office opened, and were on the water nice and early. With less than an hour of paddling we arrived at the base of path to Silver peak. We had two back packs, a small one with some camera stuff, and a huge one with the lunch. Little did Kate know, I needed the huge backpack for my kilt as well as the ring.

By 11:30 we were at the top of Silver peak. It was a perfect sunny day, and although it had been cold earlier in the day, it had warmed up nicely by then. We enjoyed the view at the top for a little while, then went over to one side to find a sheltered place to eat our lunch. We had our sandwiches and some wine, while Kate commented on how nice everything was. I had made suggestions a couple weeks previously that I hadn't even started looking at rings. Apparently this had worked well, and she was sure that I wasn't going to propose.

eng_3 (17k image)

After we finished lunch I grabbed the big backpack and told Kate to wait there for a couple minutes. I went away and quickly changed into the kilt and got the ring ready. As I was walking back Kate heard me and looked over... not believing what she was seeing she just shook her head and layed back against the rocks. As I got over to her she asked if I was actually wearing the Kilt, and I replied that formal occasions required formal attire. This got Kate's attention, and I got down on one knee and started into the spheel. At the end, apparently the question wasn't completely clear, and Kate asked if I was actually asking her to marry me. Saying "I would like you to be my wife" apparently didn't compute, so I rephrased it "will you marry me". That still took a moment to compute, but she said yes, and I put the ring on her finger. There was some blubbering and sobbing (I'm not supposed to post those pictures), and after Kate regained some composure she actually looked at the ring.

eng_1 (11k image)

Once we got some more pictures I changed back into my hiking gear and we hung out for a while. I brought my cell phone, so Kate called her mum and told her the news. The reception wasn't great, so we decided to do the rest of the important calls when we got out to the highway. The hike back down and canoe out to the car took significantly less time, and before we knew it we were back in Sudbury packing up and heading down south to see family.

Anyway, That's the jist of it. There are details that I've missed, and all that sort of thing. Kate will be likely be posting it on her blog as well, so I'll add a link once that's up.

Replies: 2 Comments

on Tuesday, September 5th, Dani said

Awwwww....so cute! I am so happy for you both. Make sure you both enjoy the wedding planning, it only happens once and it goes fast!

on Wednesday, September 6th, Joey said

Congrats guys!!!!!
All the people at Campaign Cup in England, as well as Barry and Jessica say congratulations!!!!


I need a date guys, have to make my hair appointment! :)

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