August 2006

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08/08/2006: "Belize in less than 2 weeks"

August 21st... less than 2 weeks away. I've started the malaria meds, gotten all my shots, and the final meeting was tonight.

Kate and I are traveling to Belize with 10 other people from my church to do some construction and help with an orphanage. Last fall a group went and built a cabin that will be used for the Bible college and technical school that is being developed. Our group will be doing construction during the days, and making visits to 2 local orphanages in some of the evenings. Apparently we'll have internet access, so I should be able to post updates during the week.

Here's a picture of the cabin they built last time.
belize_05 (66k image)

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on Monday, August 14th, claire@clearday.ca">Claire Dias said

Very cool. Have fun!

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