August 2006

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08/08/2006: "Next EIT rotation"

ccnr (64k image)
My new home, the Copper Cliff Nickel Refinery (CCNR). Today I started my indoctrination (safety training and orientation) and will be continuing it for the rest of the week. Apparently there's lots of things I have to learn. Tomorrow I get to do a urine test to establish a baseline nickel level which they can compare to in the future to make sure I'm not eating too much nickel dust. Also learning all about the joys of Nickel Carbonyl.

The Nickel Refinery is basically two large buildings, the NRC (Nickel Refinery Converters) and the IPC (Inco Pressure Carbonyl) buildings. The job of the refinery is to take the output from the smelter and produce the final product. This is done by melting the material in Top Blown Rotary Converter (TBRC). The red hot liquid is moved by large ladles and mixed with warm water to remove oxides and produce a granular product. Oddly enough, this is called 'granulation'. From here the granules are sent over to the IPC building (the lower building one in the top picture). Here Nickel Carbonyl is produced by passing carbon monoxide over the impure granules. This is then heated in a reactor column and the nickel detaches from the carbon monoxide and produces pure (about 99.99% pure) nickel. The carbon monoxide is recycled, and the finished product is either in power or pellet form, depending on what the customer needs.

This is my final offical rotation as an EIT, and will involve supervision experience, and Inco's Leader 21 course (starting in November).

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