August 2006

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08/08/2006: "Friday night delays..."

Friday night's drive down south turned out to be much longer than planned. About an hour and a half into the drive I can to a complete standstill just outside of Nobel, and took the next 3 and a half hours to travel about 3km. Almost 2 hours prior to my arrival there had been a 5 car collision just south of the Tim's in Nobel, where the highway goes down to two lanes. One person was pronounced dead at the scene, and 3 others were taken to the hospital. No word on exactly what happened, but usually these involved someone crossing the centre line and colliding with oncoming traffic.

Highway 69 is considered one of Canada's deadliest highways and is shrinking as the 400 inches northward. It is currently about 200km and the 4 lane project is projected to be finished in 2017. The location of the accident (the stretch between Parry Sound and Nobel) is currently scheduled to be finished by 2008.

Here's a picture that was in the Parry Sound Beacon Star

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