July 2006

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07/14/2006: "Peterborough 1/2 2006"

Ok, guess I should post something about this race...

Well, going into it I had 2 goals... place 5th in my age group, and go under 5 hours. I missed both of those, however I still feel that I had a great race. I improved or equaled all of my splits from last year, and ended up being a total of almost 10 minutes faster. The conditions weren't as bad out there, so I think everybody went faster too.

pete_swim1 (28k image)

The swim went well, and I ended up running hard for the timing mat because my watch told me that I was going to break 33 minutes, however the official time says 33:12 for the 2k swim.

Off onto the bike and things were going well. Drinking lots of Xilarate with added electrolites. I had been having issues with cramping in races earlier this season, so I added ecaps (salt capsules) to all of my drinks to help suppliment that. The bike went well, but near the end a large pack came along. It was hard to stay draft legal, but it was either ride at that pace or drop back a couple minutes. My goal for the bike was under 2 hours and 40 minutes, and I was able to just get in under that with 2:39 and change. In T2 I saw a lot of bikes on my age group's rack, so unless I had a smoking fast run I wasn't going to hit that 5th place spot.

Off onto the run and I was still feeling pretty good. Definately stronger than last year. I took a bunch of ecaps on the run as well in a film canister to take at each of the aid stations. It was quite hot out by this point so I was taking in as much liquid as possible (mostly flat pepsi) and pouring water on my head. I had to walk through most of the aid stations to make sure I was able to drink as much as possible, and I had to make a stop at the port-a-potty before the half way point. At the turn around doing some quick math I realized that I wasn't going to make the 5 hour goal. That was ok, because I was feeling pretty good about my running pace, and was just going to finish in whatever time I could. All the way back I could feel the fatigue building. The last km is a slight downhill, so I tried picking up the pace. I was pushing as hard as I could but there was a guy just ahead of me that I wanted to catch. We crossed the final bridge side by side at a fairly good pace when I looked over at him and said something stupid like "lets go". I've never had a sprint finish before in a race (let alone a 1/2 ironman), but somehow there was something left in my legs. We rounded the turn into the finish chute with me slightly ahead. Out of nowhere he pulled out another gear and I though he had beat me to the line. Turns out that there were people just ahead of us and he had to pull up to avoid running them over, and somehow my timing chip registered first. We weren't in the same age group, so it didn't matter. Anyway, after finishing it took a while of feeling like junk before my body started coming back to reality. It was a great race, and although I didn't make my goals, was happy with my result.

Our finish is kind of blocked by the traffic in front of us...

My results were:
2000m swim 33:12 (1:40/100m)
T1: 1:42
90km bike 2:39:06 (33.9km/h)
T2: 1:28
21.1 km run 1:55:06 (5:28/km)
Total 5:10:32, 101st overall, 12/34 M25-29
Full Results here


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