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06/19/2006: "Muskoka Triathlon '06"

What a day. I thought Peterborough was hot last year, but this seemed worse.

The day started off fairly well, and the weather looked like it would be decent. I had a hard time finding a good group to swim with, so perhaps that was a little slower than it could have been. Out onto the bike, and things were going well... although I was puzzled at first by all the people from various age-groups that I was passing. After a while I figured out that they were duathlon people, and had started earlier than last year. For the most part I felt that I had a great bike ride. I was very happy to pull into T2 without any troubles, as I had last year (had a flat tire with 5k to go).

Going out onto the run I could tell it was a hot day, so I grabbed what was left of the gatorade bottle on my bike, and tried to drink as much of that as I could on my way out of the transition area. Running out I could feel the effects of being on the bike for almost an hour and 40 minutes. I hoped this would pass, and that things would loosen up and I could pick up the pace on the run. Unfortunately this wasn't the case, and the 15k run was fairly painful. I tried walking to see if my abs would loosen up, but nothing seemed to work. For the most part I was able to run at a slow pace and walk though the aid stations to take in fluids. The heat was unreal, and the cold water at the aid stations only provided a brief relief. Perhaps the worst part of the whole run was the final downhill. Even though I only had to coast to the line, my body was still revolting against me. After crossing the line and getting some ice to put inside my race suit I met up with Kate and her family who had come out to watch the finish. It took me a while to get going, and had felt like I was going to throw-up. After a nice shower and some food, and lots of fluids things started to feel a bit better.

musk_06_finish (18k image)

At the end of the day my time was slower than last year, however so was everybody else, so I actually placed at a higher percentile of my age group. Last year I placed 27/34 (21st percentile), this year I was 31/57 (46th percentile). My swim was approximately the same, my bike was 8 minutes faster, however last year I had to change a flat (approx 6 min), and my run was 15 minutes slower.

My results were:
2000m swim 35:55 (1:48/100m)
T1: 1:24
55km bike 1:37:26 (33.9km/h)
T2: 0:48
15 km run 1:23:03 (5:33/km)
Total 3:38:33, 268th overall, 31/57 M25-29
Full Results here

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on Monday, June 19th, Dani said

Ewwww...I was GARDENING and thought it was hot. I can't believe you did a freakin triathalon. Congrats!

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