June 2006

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06/05/2006: "Milton Triathlon 2006"

miton06swim (35k image)

Yesterday it went back to where we all started. There was quite the crew of us from Sudbury for what turned out to be a great day (it had been threatening rain). My race went well, although I lost my watch (and iron ring) about 200m into the swim. After that I didn't have my heart rate, which I use as a pacing guide on the bike and run. Anyway, without the watch I was racing by feel, which proved to be harder than I thought. I had no idea how I was doing coming into the second transition, but could see by the number of bikes on the rack that it wasn't the greatest. Out onto the run my I didn't find my legs until about 2km in, but once I did find them the pace picked up fairly well. In the end I ran out of time chasing people down, and am looking forward to the long course in Muskoka to be able to do that.

There were some great battles on the course... the most notable was the pro women, who ended up with a sprint finish (there's a great photo in my gallery of that). Mike Hay and Mike Coughlin were battling it out in T2, and a number of the top men spent the better part of the day jockeying for position.

My results were:
750m swim 13:06 (1:45/100m)
T1: 1:18
30km bike 52:55 (34km/h)
T2: 0:50
7.5 km run 34:37 (4:37/km)
Total 1:42:45, 124th overall, 19/47 M25-29
Full Results here

More photos here (thanks to Kate for taking some fantastic race pictures).

milton06finish (21k image)

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