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05/28/2006: "Back in the Open water..."

Well, now that the ice has been out for about a month, its time to get back into the open water. Mike and I went to Nepahwin beach to meet up with Jody for some open water swimming in before the Milton Triathlon next week.

Mike and I surveying the scene before Jody arrives... looks cold.
openswim1 (42k image)

Mike looking far too eager to get in the lake and try out his cool new epic camp swim cap. That's Jody's niece laughing at him/us.
openswim2 (39k image)

Mike trying to pretend that its not that cold... but admiting that his feet were numb within seconds of jumping in.
openswim4 (25k image)

Mike and Jody trying to convince me that their screams weren't a sign of how cold it was...
openswim5 (30k image)

Here's me after... we swam across the bay (about 200m) and it started raining. Once we got back we heard some thunder and decided to call it a day. That's why I'm smiling. Hopefully the water isn't as cold in Milton next Sunday.
openswim3 (27k image)

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on Monday, May 29th, Kate said

Nice haircut! Don't worry, Milton will be nice and warm for you... just like lastyear. Oh, and you might not want your coach to see you being that happy to get out of the water...

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