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05/15/2006: "Victoria's Duathlon '06"

Yesterday saw me compete in my first run-bike-run at Victoria's duathlon in Waterloo (although its my 3rd year of Triathlons). It was a quick road trip with Mike Hay, Mike Coughlin and myself coming down from Sudbury Saturday afternoon. We made a longer than planned stop at Bialkowski trysport, and arrived in Milton to have a fantastic meal cooked by Kate at my parent's place.

Sunday morning Kate joined us again, and we drove to Waterloo and did a quick drive of the bike course before warming up for the race. The weather was pretty cold and windy, with the threat of rain. In the end it didn't turn out to be that cold, and the sun actually came out later in the day.

I had a pretty good race, going out too hard on the first run, but settling into a good groove by the end of it. I set out to hammer the bike, and felt like I was making pretty good progress reeling people in throughout. The first half of the bike was great with rolling hills and a nice tail wind. Unfortunatly the hills on the back side were also pretty tough, and the head wind made it hard going. Back onto the second run I was feeling the pain. Luckly it was only 4k, but a couple people I passed on the bike were able to catch and pass me. In the end it was a great day, and a fun experience. Should be a good indicator of how things will go in Milton in 3 weeks.

My splits were:
4k run 15:09 (3:48/km)
T1 0:41
25k bike 43:18 (34.6 km/h)
T2 0:43
4k run 16:59
Total 1:16:49, 72nd overall, 11/24 M25-29
Full results here

Kate was kind enough to take pictures of us during the race, and those can be found here

Five of us from Sudbury were there, with three placing well in their catagories... Mike Hay 3rd (Pro male), Mike Coughlin 3rd (Male 30-35), Melanie Muise 1st (Female 25-29).
vic_du_06 (47k image)

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