May 2006

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05/09/2006: "Saturday's Bike ride"

This past Saturday afternoon Mike Coughlin and I went for a bike ride. Seeing as we were both running a half marathon the next day we decided to take it easy... er, actually, no, that's not really true. We drove down to the Killarney exit on hwy 69, and rode into town. The road is great by Sudbury standards, but the chipseal surface could be better. Upon our arrivial we were pleasently surprised to find that Herbert Fisheries was open... for those who don't know, its a world famous fish and chip stand served out of an old school bus. So we decided to share some fish and chips to help fuel the ride back.

Overall, it was about 136 km, and a fairly easy pace averaging 30km/h. That seemed slow at first, but its a hilly ride, and after 4.5 hours my legs were feeling it. It was nice to get off on a road with very little traffic, and we even saw a black bear and red fox along the way.

More pictures from the ride can be found here

Leaving Killarney

Me in front of Herbert Fisheries (World famous Fresh Fish and Chips)

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