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05/02/2006: "Masters mini meet"

This past Sunday, the Laurentian Masters swim club held another mini-meet. Not one to pass up an oppertunity for suffering, I signed up for a couple events... 800m, 50m and 100m (all freestyle). I didn't set any PR's, and apparently my dive actually slows me down. Good thing I'm not actually a swimmer. (click "more..." below for actual times)

Next Sunday is the Sudbury Rocks Marathon (I'm doing the 1/2), and the week after is Victoria's Duathlon... My race goals for the year have changed and I'm now looking to qualify and race in Ironman Canada in August. Leading up to that I'll be doing Milton, Muskoka long course and the Peterborough 1/2 ironman.

Results from the mini-meet...

50m free: 31.19
100m free: 1:17.0 (36.69 @ 50m)
800m free: 12:39:0 (splits below)

0:38.94 @50m
1:21 @100m
2:05 @150m
2:51 @200m
3:39 @250m
4:26 @300m
5:14 @350m
6:05 @400m
6:53 @450m
7:43 @500m
8:34 @550m
9:24 @600m
10:13 @650m
11:02 @700m
11:52 @750m
12:39 @800m

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