March 2006

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03/29/2006: "Swimming videos"

Last night before master's swim practice I met up with Phil Parker, the coach of the LU varsity swim team. He saw the video I had taken with my digital camera for the master's mini-meet a couple weeks ago, and wanted to get some footage of his swimmers in order to do some stroke analysis. So, over the course of an hour we tried out various angles and got some neat footage. Unfortunately there's not really enough light to get decent underwater photos without having a long exposure.

video (19k image)

Anyway, below are a couple sample shots, and the rest of the videos can be found here:
Unfortunately there's no thumbnails, or descriptions so its a bit of a guessing game to see which one is which. Also, they are quite large, so they might be slow downloading even with a high speed connection.

video2 (27k image)

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