March 2006

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03/20/2006: "Year 1"

As some of you out there may know, Kate and I celebrated our first year together this past weekend. Of course a lot has changed in that year, and it was fun to take the time and look back at it. Our first date was March 19th, 2005 and over the course of a year she has gone from a virtual stranger to my bestfriend. Thanks for everything Kate, and I'm looking forward to Year 2.

Below is a picture that Kate made and framed as a gift. Its from a picture taken last June (original here)

Replies: 3 Comments

on Monday, March 20th, Matchmaker said

Since Jennifer and Brad broke up, I hear that Hollywood's been looking for another devestatingly good-looking couple to follow...better keep a low profile, you two.

on Monday, March 20th, Dani said

Wow, a year already? Ok, I really need to meet Kate!

on Monday, March 20th, Dani said

Oh yeah, Congrats!

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