March 2006

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03/16/2006: "Mini-Swim meet"

This past Sunday the Sudbury Laurentian Masters Swim club held a mini-meet. It was a great oppertunity for us to see how we're doing, and also served as a chance for some swim club volunteers get experience with the electronic timing system.

Here are my times:
50m Freestyle: 31.50
100m Freestyle: 1:13.72 (34.28/39.44)
200m Freestyle: 2:53.53 (36.80/44.60/46.39/45.74)

There were a few relays as well, however I don't have the splits for those.

I brought my (sort of) new camera to try out its underwater functions. As was the case with my old camera (Canon A40 with waterproof case) it has difficulty taking sharp pictures without the flash, but the movies turned out quite well. Here are a couple pictures... the rest can be found here

swim1 (45k image)

swim2 (23k image)

swim3 (46k image)

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