February 2006

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02/03/2006: "Too much snow"

When I moved up north I knew the winters would be cold... but Sudbury isn't supposed to get that much snow. This winter has been a bit out of the ordinary, being quite warm, and with lots of snow. Last Sunday/Monday we got about 40cm, and they were warning of another 15cm today (looks like we missed that though). With all this snow I've ended up with quite the snow drift on my roof... so in order to help prevent any problems in the spring I decided to shovel some of it off last night. Here are some pictures. Oh, and it wasn't actually dark when I finished... it just looks that way because of the flash.

This one shows the pile at the end of my driveway... its over 6 feet tall.
IMGP0265 (50k image)

Here's the snow on the roof... over 3 feet deep
IMGP0267 (34k image)

The lucky guy who gets to clean it off.
IMGP0268 (32k image)

A pile of snow that was left when I was done.
IMGP0270 (44k image)

Here's a couple more for effect
A shot of the house
My handy work

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